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Photograph taken between 1935 and 1943 of children are playing baseball at Waterway Park in Kansas City, Kansas. This activity was part of the Works Progress Administration.


Close up exterior view of the Oak Street entrance to the J. C. Nichols School, now known as Académie Lafayette.


Photograph looking north along west side of Oak Street from 12th Street. Walker Laundry, Rainbow Hotel, and the Y.M.C.A. are pictured.

August 25th 1935

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on August 25, 1935 showing photographs from Kansas City Mayor Bryce B.

June 22nd 1929

Photograph of Henry F. McElroy, Jr. and Eleanor Beach, daughter of Kansas City Mayor Albert I.

Undated photograph of unidentified railroad workers in Kansas City, Kansas. Railroad jobs brought many Mexican immigrants to Kansas City, Kansas.


Photograph of the Holy Rosary School Accordian Band, sponsored by Cochran Music Co., Inc..

June 11th 1928

The intersection of Main Street and 12th Street decorated with patriotic banners and flags for the 1928 Republican National Convention at Convention Hall in Kansas City, Missouri.

March 19th 1937

Photograph of the construction of an unidentified elevator near the Missouri River in Kansas City, Kansas.

June 12th 1922

Photograph looking south along McGee Street Trafficway from the intersection of McGee, 22nd Street, and Gillham Road.

Program of the Dedication of Donnelly Hall in Celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the Founding of St. Teresa's, 1866-1941
October 15th 1941

The promotional program for the dedication of Donnelly Hall in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the founding of St. Teresa's, 1866-1941.

Photograph with an interior view of children seated around the library table and viewing an aquarium with their teacher at the Greenwood School kindergarten.


Postcard facing east on 37th Street (currently Stadium Drive) in Leeds, Missouri (now part of Kansas City). The Renick greenhouse and flower shop and the Leeds horseshoeing shop are pictured.

Exterior photograph of the Kittle Dry Goods store in downtown Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1935.

June 10th 1935

An autochrome photograph of Helen H. Miller standing by "Paul's Scarlet" climbing roses on her property. Her husband, George J. Miller, was a lawyer and proprietor of George J.

July 18th 1938

Mugshot for Thomas Audley, Inmate #53426. Audley was sentenced to one year and six months in the U.S.

Two-piece dress and petticoat created in the 1940's by the Gernes Garment Company for the Gay Gibson brand.

December 13th 1923

Postcard showing the Al la ma wum ke (Al la ma wun ke) Trail and Indian Lane in the Country Club District in Mission Hills, Kansas.

This photograph of the Southeast Side Business District was taken looking southeast from the intersection of Prospect Avenue and 18th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

March 1st 1934

Photograph of the arraignment of Charles Taibi and Sam DeCaro, who were charged with murdering bank messenger Webster Kemner on February 27, 1934.

The Happy Holler Band posed with instruments, from KMBC radio newsletter, no date. Caption reads, "By Jinger, Now Don't That Beat The Band.


Photograph with caption, "looking east where widened 52nd Street would connect with Wornall Road." The photograph's annotations label streets and show proposed road improvements.

Photograph showing an Armourdale baseball team in Kansas City, Kansas, likely taken in the 1910s. Noted on the back of the image is that the team was managed by Sandy Hanson.

February 20th 1923

Photograph looking south-southeast and showing the east side of the 500 block of Park Avenue.

June 30th 1932

An autochrome photograph of James Neal Foster's residence, taken from the southwest.

Postcard of the Glennon Hotel at the northwest corner of 12th Street and Baltimore Avenue. The hotel operated from 1920 to 1930 when it was razed and replaced by the Phillips Hotel. Harry S.

Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view of the Monarch Milling Company. Sign on side says King of Kansas Flour.

Photograph of children and two adults in a playground on the balcony of the Woodland Public School, located on the north side of 8th Street between Woodland Avenue and Euclid Avenue.

September 1930

Clipping from the Kansas City Times in September 1930 showing Joe Shannon, Peter Kelly and L. C. Johnson.

July 3rd 1935

An autochrome photograph of the Unity Farm (Unity Village) Terrace Tea Room, taken from the south.

A black and white glass plate positive photograph of the Kansas City Zoo entrance from an aerial view.

March 4th 1931

Photograph of assistant prosecuting attorney, John V. Hill, who opened final arguments for the state at the murder trial of Mrs. Myrtle Bennett. Mrs. Bennett shot and killed her husband John G.

March 24th 1921

Photograph of storefronts along the west side of the 900 block of Grand Avenue. This vantage point faces northwest from the northeast corner of 10th Street and Grand. The R. A.

Photograph with a full exterior, street level view of Manchester School, once located at the southwest corner of Winchester Avenue and 15th Street (Truman Road).

Photograph of a group of young men testing milk as part of a Future Farmers of American program at Shawnee Mission Rural High school, circa 1935.

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses and Mrs. E. P. Haworth, superintendent, at The Willows Maternity Hospital.


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