Image Gallery

June 12th 1935

An autochrome photograph of the "Blaze" rose arch at the Fuller Pergola at the Municipal Rose Garden (Loose Park Rose Garden).


Portrait photograph of the 1899 Kansas City, Missouri councilmen's baseball team. Pictured on top from left to right: Lewis B. Sawyer, 7th Ward, center field; Jesse L.

Photograph with a street view of man sitting on a pedal powered grinder sharpening a knife or other instrument.

October 27th 1921

Postcard of Baltimore Hotel, located at the northeast corner of Baltimore Avenue and 12th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Undated photograph of an unidentified man standing with a bicycle.

Circa 1932 photograph with interior view of City Ice Company of Kansas City garage with fleet of delivery trucks.

May 9th 1939

An autochrome photograph of tulips growing in front of the Country Club Plaza Theater, taken from the east.


Photograph with caption, "looking northeast along 52nd Street from Central Street." The photograph's annotations label streets and show proposed road improvements.

June 24th 1933

An autochrome photograph of May W. Larabee's residence, taken from the north. Her deceased husband was Fredrick D. Larabee, President, Larabee Milling Company.

August 15th 1931

Photograph of Bishop Thomas F. Lillis after the ceremony of the dedication of St. John Seminary at the southeast corner of Euclid Avenue and 72nd Street.

May 4th 1936

Group portrait of the 1936 Kansas City Blues baseball team inside Muehlebach Field (later renamed Blues/Municipal Stadium).


Photograph with caption, "Standing in front of the bath house of Karnes School are 135 boys in their first communion class in 1919.

July 18th 1938

Mugshot for Ernest Williams, Inmate #53428. Williams was sentenced to one year and one day in the U.S.

Photograph of a Lockheed Orion 9E airplane, NC12283, and a Northrop Alpha 4A airplane, NC933Y, at Municipal Airport in winter. Both aircraft were owned by Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA).


Photograph of the 1921 graduates of the Boys Hotel Day School posed on the stage of the auditorium in the Boys Hotel Club Memorial Building on Admiral Boulevard between Flora Avenue and Highland Av

December 10th 1925

Photograph looking north along the east side of Main Street between Spring Street (31st Terrace) and 32nd Street.

Photograph with exterior view of the parochial school for the First Presbyterian Church of Independence, Missouri, located at the northwest corner of Lexington Avenue and Pleasant Street.

Circa 1935 photograph of the interior of the Liberty Memorial Museum.


This picture was taken looking southwest at the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Alameda Road (now Nichols Road).

April 7th 1934

An autochrome photograph of a small child standing next to a statue of the Easter Bunny. This statue and accompanying eggs were part of the Country Club Plaza's Easter decorations.

A color glass plate positive photograph of a man putting on the second hole of the Kansas City Country Club Golf Course.


Photograph of the first confirmation in 1927 in front of the original rectory of St. Peter's, Kansas City, Missouri. Bishop Thomas F. Lillis is present and pictured.


A view of four children on bicycles riding across the ford just west of the intersection of Indian Lane and Mission Drive.


Photograph with caption, "looking northeast along Wyandotte Street across 52nd Street showing proposed widening for the Main Street extension." Several homes, a woman, and a child riding

Undated photograph of unidentified children and teenagers from the Mexican community in Kansas City, Kansas.

Strang Line Car

Photograph of the front section of a Strang Line trolley car in the early 1900s. A man is seen walking alongside the car, while another stands inside it.

March 4th 1931

Photograph of J. Francis O'Sullivan, one of the defense attorneys at the murder trial of Mrs. Myrtle Bennett, summing up the evidence. Mrs. Bennett shot and killed her husband John G.

September 1st 1931

Postcard of the wading pool in The Grove, located at the southwestern corner of Benton Boulevard and 15th Street (now Truman Road) in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 21st 1938

An autochrome photograph of an unidentified woman and child in Arno Leslie Roach's memorial garden at his retirement home in present-day Lake Tapawingo, Missouri.

May 15th 1925

Children in costume at the 1925 Community Field Day on the grounds of the Pembroke-Country Day School.

Photograph of the interior of the retail of the Chocolate Shop in Kansas City Kansas, owned by Michael (Economou) Economy, including unidentified workers and a customer, circa 1920.

Photograph of a Butler Blackhawk airplane, only one of eleven produced by the Butler Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of Butler Manufacturing Company of Kansas City. This aircraft, reg.

February 28th 1932

Clipping from an article on Tom Pendergast entitled "Portrait of 'The Boss'" in the Kansas City Star on February 28, 1932.

April 23rd 1933

An autochrome photograph of a woman standing under a Hawthorne tree by Troost Lake. Lauder notes with the picture: "Don't Mutilate".

October 25th 1929

Photograph showing the first football game, between Wyandotte High School and Omaha Technical High School, on Wyandotte Field located at Washington Boulevard and Minnesota Avenue, in Kansas City, K

September 29th 1932

An autochrome photograph of a fountain at the intersection of Edgevale Road and 69th Street. This vantage point faces east with the home at 6851 Edgevale Road in the left background.


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