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Photograph of a demonstration of clay modeling at the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner of Admiral Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

An autochrome photograph of eight children posed next to Dr. Fred Irving's swimming pool.

April 11th 1927

Postcard showing the Swope Park Shelter House Number 1, located to the southeast of the main entrance to Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of boys attending a night school at the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner of Admiral Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

October 9th 1928

Interior view of Country Club Plaza Theater, showing its staircase, barrel-vaulted ceiling foyer, the Mudejar lighting fixtures in the ceiling, and paired side brackets on the walls, all made in Se

September 23rd 1933

An autochrome photograph of Cliff Drive near the home of R. A. Long.

September 29th 1922

Postcard showing 11th Street looking east from Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri. This portion of 11th Street from Main to Walnut Street is also known as Petticoat Lane.

November 23rd 1925

Photograph of pallbearers carrying the body of Monsignor James T. Walsh who erected the Our Lady of Good Counsel Church at 3934 Washington Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

January 10th 1929

Clipping from the Kansas City American on January 10, 1929 featuring a biography of William T. Kemper, Jr.

February 24th 1934

An autochrome photograph of the west entrance to the Kansas City Art Institute in winter. This vantage point faces east on Warwick Boulevard just north of 45th Street.

December 24th 1921

Groups of carolers traveled around the Country Club District on Christmas Eve. The J. C. Nichols Company furnished the hayracks and teams of carolers.


Photograph of Columbus Park community volunteers constructing the St. John Bosco Center, Roman Catholic community hall.

Photograph of the Van Horn School, located to the east of the intersection of 37th Street and Wyoming Street. The school was named for Robert T. Van Horn, early Kansas City pioneer.

Photograph of students at the one-room Brauer School in the Piper area of Wyandotte County, Kansas circa 1925.

Photograph of the exterior of the Kansas City Kansan newspaper building, located at the northeast corner of 8th Street and Armstrong Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, sometime in the 1930s.


Photograph of the integrated, semi-professional Bismarck National Championship Team of 1935.


Sheep grazing up and down the hillsides of Mission Hills. The sheep "earned their keep" by clearing the property of weeds.

September 8th 1928

Mugshots of Angelo Toyer, Inmate #30646. Toyer was sentenced to time in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after being convicted of violating the Prohibition Act.


This picture was taken looking west on 69th Street just east of Brookside Road and Wornall Road.

Photograph with an exterior street level view of Linwood School, once located on the north side of Linwood Boulevard between Highland Avenue and Woodland Avenue.

Snapshot of Lester Young with three unidentified women, no date. Source: Elmer Orrie.

April 1st 1937

Clipping of Frances B. Ryan from the Kansas City Journal-Post on April 1, 1937 with caption stating, "Mrs.

December 1935

Photograph looking south along Troost Avenue from just north of 31st Street. Streets are shown outfitted with Christmas decorations.


The Avon Shop opened October 1, 1924 at 108 W. 47th Street on the first floor of the Tower Building.


Unknown Republican publication without volume or issue identification with excerpts from several St.

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses at The Willows Maternity Hospital.

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal and side view of the New England National Bank, located at the southeast corner of 10th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

May 8th 1933

An autochrome photograph of Robert Sutherland's residence, taken from the south with tulips in the foreground. Sutherland was President of Sutherland Lumber Company.

June 8th 1935

Photograph of Pauline Thompson (front), winner of the "bathing beauty contest", along with the other three contestants during the contest at W. T.

February 26th 1925

Clipping from the Kansas City Post on February 26, 1925 showing three Kansas City policemen involved in a heist.


Photograph with caption, "looking east where widened 52nd Street would connect with Wornall Road." The photograph's annotations label streets and show proposed road improvements.


Photograph of unidentified men and women alighting the number 50 Troost streetcar.

An early picture of the Mission Hills Country Club House, once located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of the Wolferman Building located on the northeast corner of 59th and Main. Also shows delivery cars and men presumed to be Wolferman employees.

June 24th 1933

An autochrome photograph of the front of E. C. Winters's residence, taken from the west. Winters was founder of the Winters Securities Company.

December 5th 1920

Photograph of several Holy Cross Catholic Church choir members and friends posed near the Jesse James Cave on the Missouri River bluff near Sugar Creek, Missouri.


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