Image Gallery

February 8th 1932

Photograph of unidentified detectives inside the Mercantile Trust Company at 14th Street amd Grand Avenue; one of the men kneeling, looking toward the floor.

October 16th 1932

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on October 16, 1932 showing the attendees of the funeral of Francis M. Wilson, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Missouri that year until his death.

October 8th 1933

An autochrome photograph of four sculptures at the intersection of Tomahawk Road and Ensley Lane in Mission Hills, Kansas.

June 10th 1934

An autochrome photograph of Anne D. Paxton standing under a large elm to tree in her rear garden. Her deceased husband, John G. Paxton, was a lawyer and city councilman.


Head and shoulders portrait of Lou Holland; photo autographed and dated Oct. 21, 1938.


Photograph looking east on the north side of 15th Street (presently Truman Road) between Charlotte Street and Campbell Street. The Globe Laundry is pictured in the background.


Photograph of participants in the Summer Playground Feeding Program lined up at Mulkey Square Park.


Female instructor and six young girls attending a Kansas City Conservatory of Music class in 1920.

Circa 1930 photograph with full frontal and side view of City Ice Company of Kansas City, Plant No. 21 known as the Dodson plant; located at 85th and Olive streets and built in 1927.

June 29th 1920

Looking west at 61st Terrace and Summit Street. In the foreground is an automobile, and in the background is a row of houses.

Photograph looking east-northeast towards the Tower and Administrative Building at Unity Farm.

Circa 1928 photograph with distant view of Monarch Milling Company facility. Little Princess Flour sign on building as well as Commander-Larabee Corp.

August 12th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Herbert V. Jones's residence, taken from the northeast. Jones was chairman of the Herbert V. Jones & Co. (real estate).

July 8th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Lillie A. Jones standing in her Tudor garden. Her husband Ellis R. Jones was vice-president of the Kansas City Paper House.


Photograph of the Our Lady of Sorrows Music Class of 1920. Some of the students are hold lutes, violins, and classical guitars.

March 4th 1931

Photograph of assistant prosecuting attorney, John V. Hill, who opened final arguments for the state at the murder trial of Mrs. Myrtle Bennett. Mrs. Bennett shot and killed her husband John G.

Photograph of Gotham Apartments located at the northwest corner of Chestnut Avenue and Linwood Boulevard.

February 8th 1932

Photograph of bank employee L.G. Bickford posing behind a teller window at the Mercantile Trust Company at 14th and Grand Avenue.


Photograph of Bennie Moten's Orchestra posed outside.

May 1940

Photograph of Rita North with one boy and two girls posed outside of the Holy Cross Catholic Church at the closing of May Devotions. North read the Act of Consecration that day.

August 3rd 1941

A color glass plate positive photograph of bathers at the beach at Lake Quivira. Lakeshore Drive and the entrance to the Lake Quivira Country Club is shown in the background.


Photographic print of a drawing of the Armour Packing Company, once located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and James Street in Kansas City, Kansas.

May 14th 1939

Photograph of the Holy Rosary Youths' Council and Boy Scout Troop 70. This vantage point faces east-northeast towards the entrance to the Holy Rosary Health Center and School.

This photograph was taken looking north on Broadway Boulevard just north of 25th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.


Photograph looking west from the northeast corner of 12th Street and Locust Street. The Lee Hotel is pictured to the left.


Bennie Moten's Orchestra, posed with instruments, ca. 1926. Source: Duncan Scheidt.

September 20th 1926

Photograph with slide description: "Across the plaza, Liberty Memorial from the southeast; K.C., Mo. 9-20-1926."

July 22nd 1935

Clipping from Time (magazine) on July 22, 1935 providing a visual and textual portrait of Tom Pendergast.

October 1928

Photograph of the St. Peter's Church Choir posed outside of the entrance to the original corrugated iron church building, known by the congregation as the "Tin Cathedral".

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking west near 19th and Vine; shows City Workhouse with railroad tracks beside it.

May 20th 1933

An autochrome photograph of Ruby M. Robinson with rare poppies on her property. Her husband, Dr. Ernest F. Robinson, was a Kansas City surgeon.

August 16th 1922

Postcard showing Sweeney Automobile and Tractor School at the southwest corner of Pershing Road and Wyandotte Street (now Kessler Road) in Kansas City, Missouri.

May 8th 1934

Portrait of Sally Rand with full body feather fan. Rand inscribes on the photo, "To The South Central Business Association, My friends and boosters, all happiness and prosperity.

Photograph of eight women at a sewing class at the Guadalupe Center.


Photograph looking east along the north side of 13th Street between Baltimore Avenue and Wyandotte Street.

Photograph of boys working in a carpenter shop at Swope Settlement.


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