Image Gallery

Photograph of girls dancing outside of the Mattie Rhodes Neighborhood Center at 1734 Jefferson.

July 13th 1935

An autochrome photograph of the Unity Farm Amphitheater, taken from the southeast.

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses seated on the steps at the entrance to The Willows Maternity Hospital.

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses at The Willows Maternity Hospital.

February 14th 1925

Photograph of the ruins of the American Royal building which was destroyed in a fire in February 1925.


This aerial photograph of the Country Club Plaza was taken near Oak Street just south of 47th Street (now Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard).

Photograph of the Kansas City Monarchs playing baseball at Muehlebach Field in Kansas City, MO.

Circa 1930 photograph with an exterior, street level view of the Manual Training High School located on the south side of 15th Street (Truman Road) between Forest Avenue and Tracy Avenue.

May 14th 1937

An autochrome photograph of rugosa roses by the house of W. Malcom Lowry, taken from the northeast. Lowry was a Kansas City engineer at Henrici-Lowry Engineering Company.

November 1st 1921

Robert A. Long and Admiral David Richard Beatty riding in procession car to Liberty Memorial, 1921.

Circa 1920 photograph with aerial view of New Richards Field which soon became known as Municipal Airport. Hannibal Bridge is pictured in the background.

Photograph of activity centered on railroad tracks, circa 1920s. A train is in operation at the background of the image, with tracks running to the foreground.

Photograph of Brauer School, a one-room school in the Piper area of Wyandotte County, Kansas.

Portrait of Bryce B. Smith, Mayor of Kansas City MO from 1930-1940. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

Photograph of a young man with a sow and piglets in a pen circa 1940.

This photograph was taken looking west on 31st Street just west of Gillham Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

Circa 1925 photograph of the Sunset Hill Line streetcar looking south from the intersection of 48th Street and Belleview Avenue.

July 14th 1918

Postcard of the Main Lobby of the Hotel Muehlebach, located at the southwest corner of Baltimore Avenue and 12th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

May 30th 1939

Photograph of Mr. Russell, an automobile mechanic teacher at R. T. Coles Vocational and Junior High School.


This picture was taken looking west in the Marie Antoinette Shop, once located at 6231 Brookside Boulevard in the Brookside Shopping District.

Photograph of the Baby Lovett Orchestra: Samuel "Baby" Lovett, drums; Jimmy Hill, guitar; et al.. Also pictured is their "Feed the Kitty" tip jar.

October 28th 1939

Photograph with interior view identified as "Halloween Party, Club Tepeyac, Guadalupe Center, October 28, 1939." Many in photograph are in Halloween costume.

August 1924

Photograph of H. H. Trenton Tires and Accessories (right) at the southwest corner of Independence Avenue and Monroe Avenue.

June 17th 1932

Photograph with full frontal portrait of Frank Cromwell on porch of the Swope Memorial Golf Course clubhouse.

June 17th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Paul Uhlmann's residence, taken from the southeast. Uhlmann was President of Uhlmann Grain Company.

Photograph of improvements made to Blue River south to the limits of Swope Park, Kansas City, for purposes of flood control, ca. 1930s.

Photograph of Johnson Drive, looking west from Nieman Road, in downtown Shawnee circa the 1910s.

Photograph of the exterior of the Kansas City Call building that appears to have been taken from inside an automobile.

May 29th 1933

An autochrome photograph of Helen H. McDermand's house, taken from the southwest. The picture shows urns placed by the house entrance. Her deceased husband, Frank R.

Photograph of the two-story Merriam School building, located at Johnson Drive and King Avenue in Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1920.

Mug shot of Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd, used as an exhibit against the defendant in Criminal Case No. 35160: State of Missouri vs. Adam Richetti.


Photograph of the farmer's market at the northeast corner of 38th and State Street in Kansas City, Kansas.

October 2nd 1936

Photograph of a group of South Central Business Association men and police officers operating parking meters immediately after their installation on Troost Avenue.