Image Gallery

June 6th 1934

An autochrome photograph of the French salon from the grand hall in R. A. Long's residence. Long was co-founder of Long-Bell Lumber Company.

Photograph of a daytime rally for Alfred E. Smith and Joe Robinson during the 1928 presidential campaign. This vantage point faces west with the Union Station pictured to the right.

August 28th 1936

Postcard of the Country Club Plaza at night in Kansas City, Missouri. The vantage point faces west-southwest from Main Street near its intersection with 46th Street.

November 30th 1921

Postcard of the Kansas City Club Building at the northwest corner of 13th Street and Baltimore Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


Photograph with full frontal and side view of the A&P Grocery Store at the southwest corner of Linwood Boulevard and Forest Avenue.

Henry J. Allen, Governor of Kansas from 1919 to 1923. He also served as a senator from Kansas from 1929 to 1931, and was the editor and publisher of the Wichita Beacon newspaper.

T. H. Holder’s orchestra posed with instruments; Claude Williams on left end. Source: Claude Williams.

Circa 1930 photograph with full frontal and side view of Western Ice Service Company, Plant No. 123; located at 12th and Iron streets in North Kansas City, Missouri.


250 year old antique Carrara marble bench from Venice, placed outside the wall surrounding one of the free parking stations, in the park space between the wall and public sidewalk.


Photograph of Visitation Church (right) and rectory (left) at the southeast corner of Main Street and 51st Terrace.

November 3rd 1936

Clipping entitled "Large Ballot Unwieldy" from the Kansas City Journal-Post on November 3, 1936 showing Kansas Citians voting at various polling locations on General Election Day.


Grouping of four exterior snapshots of students with teachers on Kensington School lawn.

Photograph of a man posed with a large herd of sheep at the Stockyards in the West Bottoms of Kansas City.

Photograph taken between 1935 and 1943 of civilians and members of the military at a bookmobile, Fairfax, Kansas City, Kansas.

June 20th 1932

An autochrome photograph of the Verona Columns in the evening. This vantage point faces south from just south of the intersection of Ensley Lane, Overhill Road, and Mission Drive.

February 8th 1932

Photograph of bank employee L.G. Bickford posing behind a teller window at the Mercantile Trust Company at 14th and Grand Avenue.

October 10th 1933

An autochrome photograph of the University of Kansas City (now University of Missouri - Kansas City) Administrating Building, taken from the northwest.

Photograph of the staff of Black Hawk Barbecue & Buffet, posed in front of the restaurant.

March 30th 1922

Photograph looking east along Armour Boulevard from the west side of Gillham Road.


An autochrome photograph of Fred Wolferman's residence, taken from the southeast. Wolferman was founder of Wolferman's Grocery Stores.

June 9th 1920

Postcard of the west end of Cliff Drive in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 5th 1941

Photograph of the St. Peter's Church altar during the Silver Jubilee for Monsignor James N. V. McKay, pastor of St. Peter's.

September 8th 1938

An autochrome photograph of the Scout Statue, as seen from atop Scout Hill in Penn Valley Park, looking north. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri is picture in the background.


Photograph of Father John P. Prendergast, pastor of Holy Cross Catholic Church from 1907-1942.

May 10th 1933

An autochrome photograph of a stone wall, tree stump, and iris flowers next to the road entrance to Isaac P. Ryland's residence. Ryland was a Kansas City lawyer.


Pla Mor artificial beach, ca. 1939. The Pla-Mor was located at 3142 Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Art McClure/Jennie Belle Peters.

June 3rd 1931

Photograph with an exterior view of an unidentified group of students standing by the north door at Mount Washington School.

June 3rd 1941

Photograph of Katz Drugstore officials at a South Central Business Association luncheon at the Blue Bird Cafeteria at 3215 Troost Avenue.

January 10th 1929

Clipping from the Kansas City American on January 10, 1929 featuring a biography of William T. Kemper, Jr.

Photograph of children watching a young girl perform an imitation organ in the Scarritt School kindergarten class.


Photograph of a large crowd gathered for an event at the intersection of 31st Street and Van Brunt Boulevard/Hardesty Avenue.

May 31st 1934

An autochrome photograph of a pergola at the Municipal Rose Garden (Loose Park Rose Garden) dedicated to the memory of Ernest E. Smith and his family.

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking east across the Kansas River near west end of the Kansas Avenue Bridge; shows Cudahy Packing Company, Swift and Company, and the Kansas City Stocky

July 11th 1935

An autochrome photograph of Frances Fillmore standing on a diving board at the Unity Farm (Unity Village) pool in the early evening.

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal view of the Merry Building; located at 1009-11 Walnut Street.


Snapshot of Louise Byers with friends from Kansas City School of Law (Tiera Farrow, Anna Campbell, and Sue Mandell included), ca. 1919.


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