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Full length group photograph of three of the Blue Devils, taken by Bert Studios, Kansas City, (left to right): Ernie Williams, George Hudson, Lester Young, ca. 1932. Source: Jimmy Jewel.

November 1st 1921

Postcard showing the spectators at the Liberty Memorial dedication ceremony on November 1st, 1921.

January 9th 1928

Postcard showing the main waiting room at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces north from the southwestern corner of the waiting room.

November 28th 1923

Photograph looking north along the west side of Oak Street from the south side of 9th Street. The Delico Café and Oakley Hotel is pictured.


Postcard of the Benton School, located at the southwest corner of 30th Street and Benton Boulevard. Students are pictured performing calisthenics while a Victrola plays a record.


Photograph of the founding members of the Order of DeMolay, an organization connected to the Masonic Lodge. It was open for membership to young men between the ages of 12 and 21.

Photograph of North Seventh Street looking north from just north of Ann Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. The Huron building is pictured in the center background.

Photograph of the home of Clara and Alfonso Stough, looking east from Overland Park Drive to its location near 80th and Marty in Overland Park, circa 1940.

October 11th 1928

Mugshot of Manny Akers, Inmate #30817. Akers was sentenced to time in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after a conviction of attempting to influence jurors.

A woman and her child outside of the boxcar where they lived.

June 9th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Lester T. Sunderlands's residence, taken from the southeast. Sunderland was Chairman of the Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Company.

Municipal Airport at night with a crowd gathered outside the main terminal building and a Ford Tri-Motor airplane on the runway.


Photograph looking south toward the band stand and comfort station located in Observation Park.

Photograph of carpenters posed during construction of a cabin at Camp Bo-Ho-Ca, located on the east side of Blue River Road near 121st Street.

Photograph with full frontal view of Business Men's Assurance Co. building on Pershing Road, the former Sweeney School for auto, tractor, and aviation. Park Hotel is visible in background.

Photograph of Ed Walmer, Jr. and Marie Ozias Walmer circa 1920. The Walmers are pictured standing side by side next to the front porch of a house.

May 6th 1950

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of Jack J. "Nagel" Maroon.

Undated photograph of unidentified railroad workers laying tracks in Kansas City, Kansas. Railroad jobs brought many Mexican immigrants to Kansas City, Kansas.


Studio portrait of Robert A. Long, taken in the Salon of Corinthian Hall, ca. 1915. Corinthian Hall is located on Gladstone Boulevard between Walrond Avenue and Indiana Avenue.

Photograph looking north on Monroe Avenue between 69th Street and 70th Street.

November 22nd 1923

Postcard showing The Paseo looking south from the William T. Fitzsimons Fountain in Kansas City, Missouri.

A color glass plate positive photograph of a man putting on the fifteenth hole of the Mission Hills Country Club Golf Course.

September 8th 1928

Mugshots of Flore Picralli, Inmate #30645. Picralli was sentenced to time in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after being convicted of violating the Prohibition Act.

Photograph with a full, exterior view of Kensington School. This vantage point faces northwest on 17th Street between Brighton Avenue and Van Brunt Boulevard.


The Ruhr Dairy located just west of Belinder Road (now Belinder Avenue) and south of 54th Street.


Photograph of the Emery, Bird, Thayer building, once located on the north side of 11th Street between Walnut Street and Grand Avenue (Grand Boulevard).

July 17th 1939

Postcard of the Plaza Laundry Company in Kansas City, Missouri. The vantage point faces south at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and 42nd Street.


Banner for the Coat and Suit Workers Local 270 of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, as seen on display at the entrance to the Kansas City Garment District Museum.


Photograph with caption, "where Brookside Boulevard Extension would come northwest to 47th Street through Park Land." This vantage point faces south from just south of the intersection of

April 24th 1933

An autochrome photograph of Andrew S. Barada's garden, taken from the south in the spring of 1933. Barada was president of Barada and Page (Chemicals).


Photograph of the staff of the Johnson County treasurer's office in 1918.

circa ,1920

Photograph of the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kansas, circa 1920.

September 3rd 1918

Postcard of the fountain located between the northbound and southbound lanes of The Paseo just south of 9th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

September 20th 1933

An autochrome photograph of the croton flowers outside of the Swope Park Shelter House, taken from the east.

January 24th 1923

Photograph looking south on the east side of Bennington Avenue between Lee Street (15th Terrace) and 16th Street.

Photograph of James A. Reed and Nell Donnelly Reed's home at 5236 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The caption reads, "#1 Southside of Senator Reed's home.