Image Gallery

Photograph of a Kansas City Power & Light Company exhibition tent at the Johnson County Fair in the early 1930s. The tent is filled with electric farm equipment and promotional signs.

June 26th 1935

An autochrome photograph of children at the Jacob L. Loose Memorial Park Wading Pool.

May 1926

Negative of air mail planes at American Legion Field, taken by R. S. Knowlson, Kansas City, Missouri, October 31, 1921. The temporary service lasted four days.

September 22nd 1933

An autochrome photograph of Dr. Thomas G. Orr's residence, taken from the northeast.


This picture of the Suydam Building was taken in the Country Club Plaza looking west-southwest on Mill Creek Parkway (now J C Nichols Parkway) just north of 47th Street.


Postcard of the passenger station at the Municipal Airport.

August 3rd 1946

President Harry S. Truman (right) with James Pendergast, evidently taken in Independence, Missouri, upon Truman's arrival from Washington, D.C.

February 16th 1937

Clipping from the Kansas City Times on February 16, 1937 showing drawings and photographs from the 1936 Election Vote Fraud Trial.

Photograph of people and vehicles outside the Guadalupe Center in Kansas City, Missouri's Westside neighborhood.

January 6th 1931

Harry S. Truman is being sworn in as a judge of the county court of Jackson County, Missouri.

Postcard showing the Dixon Hotel that once stood on the southeast corner of 12th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

October 21st 1921

Negative of air mail planes at American Legion Field, taken by R. S. Knowlson, Kansas City, Missouri, October 31, 1921. The temporary service lasted four days.

Interior photograph of the Lake Quivira Country Club dining room in 1931 or 1932.

1940's photograph of small homes in Columbus Park at the base of the Missouri River bluffs.

May 24th 1935

Program for the 43rd Annual Commencement of Lincoln High School. Includes a photograph of Miss Lincoln, Miss Lucile Hill.

April 29th 1934

An autochrome photograph of tulips at the entrance to the Rose Hill Cemetery.

February 8th 1932

Photograph of a police officer and other people inside Mercantile Trust Company at 14th Street and Grand Avenue.

November 1st 1921

Postcard from the Liberty Memorial dedication ceremony on November 1st, 1921. This vantage point faces southwest on Main Street just east of Union Station, shown on the right.

May 7th 1934

An autochrome photograph of to the west entrance of R. A. Long's residence. Long was co-founder of Long-Bell Lumber Company.

September 1st 1931

Postcard of Baltimore Hotel, located at the northeast corner of Baltimore Avenue and 12th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The back of the postcard includes a short letter.

June 13th 1942

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of organized crime figure Frank DeLuca.

Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, dedicated in 1914. This vantage point faces north-northeast from Liberty Memorial and shows downtown Kansas City, Missouri in the background.

Photograph of the first St. Francis Xavier Church, constructed at the northwest corner of 53rd Street and Forest Avenue in 1910. The building was destroyed by a fire on September 19, 1925.

Circa 1934 photograph of three policemen standing in front of a building wearing suits, hats, and overcoats. The man in the center is Chief of Detectives Thomas J.

Portrait of Elsie Child (Mrs. H. C. Child), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1938-1940. Portrait of Leona Koehler Ryan (Mrs. L. K. Ryan), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1940-1942.

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal view of the Missouri Savings Association Bank. This vantage point faces west from the east side of Walnut Street between 9th Street and 10th Street.

Photograph of Robert Sanders, later to become the first mayor of Fairway, Kansas, carrying his wife Lois Hutchins Sanders in a creek, circa 1940.


Photograph with caption, "Where the roadway would enter Wyandotte Street at 51st." This vantage point faces northeast from near the intesection of Wyandotte and 51st.

June 15th 1919

The report of a social survey of Armourdale, a community of 12,000 people living in the industrial district of Kansas City, Kansas.

Photograph with exterior, street view of the Harris House located at the northeast corner of Westport Avenue (now Westport Road) and Pennsylvania Avenue.


Photograph looking north on the east side of Forest Avenue between 9th Street and 10th Street. The First Church of Christ Scientist is pictured to the left.

Photograph of the construction of Mission Drive in Mission Hills, Kansas.

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view of Lake Quivira. Work on the lake and the surrounding area was started by the Quivira Development Company in 1927.

Postcard showing the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri This vantage point faces south-southwest towards Liberty Memorial from just south of Union Station The back of the postcard includes a

Photograph of Ben Bernie, radio star and musician, with Frank Cromwell and Mayor Bryce Smith and other unidentified men at unidentified location with a racing form in hand.

A group photograph of the KMBC Texas Rangers.