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Circa 1938 photograph of the Black Elks band marching west at 18th Street and The Paseo. Street’s Hotel and Crown Drug Co. are pictured in background. Source: Black Economic Union.

November 30th 1921

Postcard of the Kansas City Club Building at the northwest corner of 13th Street and Baltimore Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Portrait of William E. Kemp, Mayor of Kansas City MO from 1946-1954. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

Photograph of the exterior of the Kansas City Call building that appears to have been taken from inside an automobile.

June 20th 1936

Photograph of an unidentified man with soda pop and barbecue at W. T. Kemper, Sr.'s annual picnic and barbecue for employees of Commerce Trust Company and associated banks.

Jackson County, Missouri courthouse building as it looked in Kansas City about 1936. Harry S. Truman, as Presiding Judge of Jackson County, was instrumental in the building of the courthouse.

May 8th 1934

Portrait of Sally Rand with full body feather fan. Rand inscribes on the photo, "To The South Central Business Association, My friends and boosters, all happiness and prosperity.

March 27th 1932

Clipping entitled "All Aboard" from the Kansas City Times on March 28, 1932 that shows Kansas City Democrats boarding trains the previous day to the Democratic State Convention in St.

December 29th 1922

Photograph of men standing on the James Street Station Platform, Kansas City, Kansas before the last streetcar to pass over the elevated street railway, also known as the "L" structure.

December 1935

Photograph looking south along Troost Avenue from just north of 31st Street. Streets are shown outfitted with Christmas decorations.


Photograph of the exterior of the Sealright Company plant, a paper products, bottle caps, and food packaging manufacturer, in the Fairfax district of Kansas City, Kansas, south of the Fairfax Airpo

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses at The Willows Maternity Hospital.


1927 photograph of the Lincoln Theatre exterior, with staff posed in front. Advertisements for "The Strange Case of Captain Ramper" are displayed on the front of the theatre.

Undated photograph of unidentified children and teenagers from the Mexican community in Kansas City, Kansas.

January 1st 1935

Photograph of telephone operators Nannie Belle Kennedy (left), Hattie Bongers (center), and Vera Felton (right).

March 27th 1932

Clipping entitled "Ready for the Big Parade" from the Kansas City Times on March 28, 1932 that shows Kansas City Democrats boarding trains the previous day to the Democratic State Convent


Publicity photo of the Boogie Woogie Boys: Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Meade Lewis, and Joe Turner, ca. 1938. Source: Claude Williams.

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking northeast over near 25th Street and Southwest Boulevard; shows the west side of Union Station. Identified on back as "Penn Ave.

November 1st 1921

Postcard from the Liberty Memorial dedication ceremony on November 1st, 1921. This vantage point faces southwest on Main Street just east of Union Station, shown on the right.

July 9th 1935

Photograph with caption, describing Thomas J. Pendergast's abrupt decision to end his tour of Europe because of the illness of his wife, Carolyn Elizabeth Pendergast.

September 21st 1918

Postcard showing Kansas City, Missouri from the Junction at 9th Street and Main Street. This vantage point faces south down Main Street. The back of the postcard includes a short letter to Mr.

March 19th 1937

Photograph of the construction of an unidentified elevator near the Missouri River in Kansas City, Kansas.

December 23rd 1938

Group portrait of Anderson Photo Company employees at an annual company Christmas party.

Circa 1925 photograph of Marlborough Heights Presbyterian Community Church at the southeast corner of The Paseo and 74th Street.

August 3rd 1935

An autochrome photograph looking southeast over Lake Hiwassee in the Indian Hills subdivision.


Forty students of the William Cullen Bryant School who pulled dandelions in the Country Club District. Prizes were given for those who pulled the most.

June 22nd 1932

An autochrome photograph of a bed of roses at the Municipal Rose Garden (Loose Park Rose Garden). This particular bed was managed by Doctors Teal and Hunt.

May 6th 1933

An autochrome photograph of Frank Lauder's mother, Laura C. Lauder, with spirea flowers. The picture was taken looking northeast on Mother's Day, 1933 on her property.

August 9th 1932

An autochrome photograph of R. Bryson Jones's residence, taken from the northeast. Jones was an executive at R. B. Jones & Sons (insurance).


A lithograph on paper by Thomas Hart Benton depicting two farmers and a donkey on a stark Midwestern farm.

December 20th 1941

Group portrait of Anderson Photo Company employees at 30th anniversary breakfast at the Pickwick Hotel.

July 4th 1934

Photograph of the Kansas City Monarchs baseball team at Natatorium Park in Spokane, Washington. The franchise was organized in 1920 and located in Kansas City, Missouri.

October 21st 1928

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on October 21, 1928 showing Missouri Governor Alfred E. Smith on his presidential campaign in Sedalia, Missouri. Also pictured are Charles M.

April 29th 1941

A color glass plate positive photograph of a hawtorn (crataegus) tree in bloom in the north central section of Penn Valley Park.


Photograph of the 267N Inland R-400 Sportster, R-401 parked at Municipal Airport.


Postcard of spirea in bloom by a rustic bridge (likely over Brush Creek) in the Indian Hills neighborhood of Mission Hills, Kansas. The back of the postcard includes a letter J.C.


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