Image Gallery

Photograph of the eight boys posed with their instruments as the Boys Hotel Band. Instruments include three violins, a piano, drum kit, two cornets, and a tenor saxophone.


Photograph looking west along the south side of 12th Street between Campbell Street and Harrison Street. C. E. Houston Furniture Company is pictured.

June 1st 1939

Postcard of Hotel Phillips, located at the northwest corner of Baltimore Avenue and 12th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of VeEssa Spivey posing in front of her restaurant, Black Hawk Barbecue & Buffet.


Photograph with caption, "proposed trafficway in 48th Street looking west from Oak Street."

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses, as well as an unidentified man and toddler, at The Willows Maternity Hospital.

December 1st 1934

Clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on December 1, 1934. The article provides a reproduction of the letter sent from Tom Pendergast to James A.

Photograph with side and front view of the Livestock Exchange Building, located just west of the intersection of 16th Street and Genessee Street.

Municipal Airport at night with a crowd gathered outside the main terminal building and a Ford Tri-Motor airplane on the runway.


Photograph with full frontal view of the Concourse in North Terrace Park.

August 16th 1922

Postcard showing Sweeney Automobile and Tractor School at the southwest corner of Pershing Road and Wyandotte Street (now Kessler Road) in Kansas City, Missouri.

September 12th 1932

An autochrome photograph of the Visitation Church, taken from the west.

November 28th 1923

Photograph looking north along the west side of Oak Street from the south side of 9th Street. The Delico Café and Oakley Hotel is pictured.

December 9th 1927

Photograph of Joe Sanders with fur coat, bowler hat and spats standing beside Carleton Coon while waiting for a parade to begin.

January 29th 1922

Photograph of Kansas City Mayor Sam B. Strother visiting the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner of Admiral Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

An autochrome photograph of iris flowers at the north entrance to Inghram D. Hook's residence.

August 12th 1933

Photograph looking northwest from the southeast corner of Armour Boulevard and Forest Avenue.


An employee of The Donnelly Garment Company using a double stitcher seam binding machine in the Corrigan Building at 1828 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph with a full, exterior street level view of Norman School; named after Joseph L. Norman, President of the Board of Education and member of the Board for 16 years.

February 16th 1937

Clipping from the Kansas City Times on February 16, 1937 showing drawings and photographs from the 1936 Election Vote Fraud Trial.

Circa 1930 photograph with full frontal view of City Ice Company of Kansas City, Plant No. 53, built in 1919. It was located on the west side of Oak Street between 48th Street and 49th Street.

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal and side view of the Studebaker Riley Company, located at the southwest corner of 26th Street and Grand Avenue.

Photograph of six young women dressed in Native American costumes circa 1920.

May 14th 1933

An autochrome photograph of M. B. Nelson's garage, taken from the north while the tulips were blossoming. Nelson was president of the Long-Bell Lumber Company.

Portrait of Bryce B. Smith, Mayor of Kansas City MO from 1930-1940. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

June 24th 1932

An autochrome photograph of the grandchildren of James Neal Foster in his garden.

Photograph of an unidentified Overland Park Movie Company cameraman with camera in Aviation Park. The short-lived film company was founded by developer William Strang in 1916.

August 7th 1932

An autochrome photograph of a women standing near a statue in the Romanelli Gardens subdivision near the intersection of 68th Street Terrace and Ward Parkway.

June 20th 1936

Photograph of many automobiles and a few buses parked in a field at W. T. Kemper, Sr.'s annual picnic and barbecue for employees of Commerce Trust Company and associated banks.

June 14th 1935

An autochrome photograph of swimmers at the northeast corner pool at Unity Farm (Unity Village). This photograph was taken from the east.

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses at The Willows Maternity Hospital.

Circa 1930's photograph of six men in white coveralls kneeling in front of a Curtiss-Wright Flying Service single-engine aircraft at the Fairfax Airport in Kansas City, Kansas.

April 1923

Photograph of the Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra at the Newman Theater performing a skit to accompany Charlie Chaplin's film "The Pilgrim".


This picture of the Country Club Plaza was taken looking southwest from atop the Ponce de Leon building at 4555 Main Street.

Photograph of the LaSalle Hotel at the northwest corner of Linwood Boulevard and Harrison Street.


Circa 1931 photograph of the Bennie Moten Orchestra posed in front of the Fairyland Park stage at the southeast corner of Prospect Avenue and 75th Street.