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Wyandotte Street at 52nd Street

Photograph with caption, "looking northeast along Wyandotte Street across 52nd Street showing proposed widening for the Main Street extension." Several homes, a woman, and a child riding a tricycle on the sidewalk are shown.

Wornall Road at 52nd Street

Photograph with caption, "looking east where widened 52nd Street would connect with Wornall Road." The photograph's annotations label streets and show proposed road improvements.

Wornall Manor Sign

Sign for Wornall Manor, looking southwest from the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue, Valley Road, and 62nd Street.

Wornall Manor Playground

This picture was taken looking north-northeast at the southern tip of Wornall Manor playground, once located in the interior of block six, between 62nd and 63rd Streets, Valley Road and Summit Streets. Several children are shown playing on playground equipment while adults watch from a distance.

Woman with a Passion Flower Vine

An autochrome photograph of an unidentified womean standing next to a passion flower vine on the property of Gilbert W. Davis, a public school teacher. This vantage point faces east towards the Davis house in the backyard of the property.

William T. Kemper, Sr. with David Kemper and James M. Kemper, Jr.

Photograph of William T. Kemper, Sr. with his grandchildren David W. Kemper (left) and James M. Kemper, Jr. (right). The woman could not be positively identified.

Wilhelmina Meyer Loercher House

Photograph, circa 1941, of a two-story clapboard house at 51st and Quivira in Shawnee, Kansas. Owned by Wilhelmina Loercher, the house was purchased by her father John G. Meyer circa 1870, and was formerly the home of Shawnee chief and Methodist minister Rev. Charles Bluejacket. 

West Entrance to R. A. Long's Residence

An autochrome photograph of to the west entrance of R. A. Long's residence. Long was co-founder of Long-Bell Lumber Company.

Walrond at 18th Street

Photograph looking south down the west side of Walrond Avenue from the southwest corner of Walrond and 18th Street. The A. O. Thompson Lumber Company office is pictured to the right.

Unity Farm Club House

An autochrome photograph of the Unity Farm (Unity Village) Club House, taken from the east.

Tulips, Iris, and Sprea by Herman Schulte's Driveway

An autochrome photograph of tulips, iris and spirea flowers by Herman Schulte's driveway. Schulte was a manager at the Goetz Beer Company. This vantage point faces southwest with the house at 7311 Ward Parkway in the background.

Tulips and House of T. H. Mastin

An autochrome photograph of tulips near the entrance to T. H. Mastin's residence. Mastin was a Kansas City lawyer.