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An autochrome photograph of Harry E. Clark's garden and office building at 6140 Ward Parkway. Clark was a Kansas City lawyer.

An autochrome photograph of Bryce B. Smith's residence, taken while the spirea flowers were in bloom and looking north-northeast. Smith was mayor of Kansas City from 1930 to 1938.

An autochrome photograph of A. B. Eisenhower's residence, taken looking southwest across Willow Lake. Eisenhower was vice-president of the Commerce Trust Company.

An autochrome photograph of Hunter L. Gary's residence, taken from the southwest. Gary was president of the Theodore Gary and Co. (investments).

An autochrome photograph of forsythia on the property of John G. Madden, lawyer.

A color glass plate positive photograph of morning glories growing on George H. Nettleton residence, taken from the west. Five women are pictured seated on the porch.

An autochrome photograph of Helen H. McDermand's house, taken from the west. Her deceased husband, Frank R. McDermand, Jr., was president of the Columbian Hog and Cattle Powder Company.

An autochrome photograph of George S. Allee's house taken from the east-southeast in the Fall of 1933. George Allee was district manager of the Missouri Automobile Club.