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Playground at 58th Street and Brookside Boulevard

Children playing at a playground at 58th Street and Brookside Boulevard in 1920. This vantage point faces north from near the center of Brookside Triangle Park.

Philip Reinhardt House

Photograph of the Philip Reinhardt house at 5637 Cherokee Circle on a snowy winter day circa 1930. The two-story Victorian wood house features a wrap-around front porch was built by Reinhardt, who immigrated to the United States from Germany circa 1850. The original address of the home was 5637 Mission Road.

Perry Orphans' Home and Grounds

Photograph of the Perry Orphans' Home and grounds, located at Westport Road and Belleview. This vantage point faces north-northwest from the intersection of 43rd Street (Westport Road) and Jarboe Street.

Perry Cross Home

Photograph of the Perry Cross home, located at 4806 Highway 50, near the Shawnee Indian Mission area circa 1925.

Pembroke Lane, Mission Hills

Postcard of view along Pembroke Lane in Mission Hills, Kansas, circa 1920. Looking southeast along Pembroke Lane from the front yard of 5620 Pembroke Lane, the postcard depicts a small stone bridge allowing a driveway to cross over a drainage area, flower beds, and trees. The house located at 5625 Pembroke lane is visible on the left side of the image.

Paul's Scarlet Roses at Home Entrance

An autochrome photograph of Paul's scarlet roses around the entrance to the William C. Helmers residence. Helmers was an executive at the Helmers Manufacturing Company.

Park Land North of 43rd Street

Photograph with caption, "Proposed roadway connections, in Park Land, north of 43rd Street." This vantage point faces north-northwest from near the intersection of 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue. The photograph's annotations label streets and show proposed road improvements, including plans for a 43rd Street Viaduct over Mill Creek Drive (presently JC Nichols Parkway).

Park Land near 48th Street

Photograph with caption, "looking north from Park Land at 48th Street and Country Club Car Line, showing approach of proposed trafficway to widened east 48th Street." Park Lane Hotel, St. Luke's Hospital, and Ponce De Leon Hotel, and three unidentified children are pictured.

Park Avenue

Photograph looking south-southeast and showing the east side of the 500 block of Park Avenue.

Park Avenue

Photograph looking north on the east side of the 500 block of Park Avenue.

Olive at 11th Street

Photograph looking north along the west side of Olive Street from 11th Street. Sidewalk and car in view.

Oak Meyer Gardens

Wide view of Oak Meyer Gardens housing development. This vantage point faces northwest from 69th Street and Holmes Road. Cherry Street north of 69th Street is pictured in foreground; the steeple of Sixth Church of Christ Scientist and Southwest High School on Wornall Road is pictured in the right far background.