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City Market

Circa 1940 photograph with aerial view looking down onto the City Market and the neighborhood directly to the northeast.

Children at Gillis Orphans' Home

Photograph of children posed on a slide at the Gillis Orphans' Home at the southwest corner of 81st Street and Wornall Road. The image is featured in the photograph section of the October 29, 1933 issue of the Kansas City Star.

Chester Franklin Outside of The Call Building

Photograph of Chester A. Franklin standing by the door of the Kansas City Call Building. The vantage point faces west on the south side of 18th Street with Lucille's Tavern in the background.

Central School, Olathe

Photograph of Central School in Olathe, Kansas circa 1920. The two-story brick building with bell tower opened in 1882, and was later replaced with new elementary school buildings on the same site on the southeast corner of Cedar and Water Streets. 

Central Exchange National Bank

Photograph of the Central Exchange National Bank building, once located on the east side of Grand Avenue (Grand Boulevard) between 10th Street and 11th Street.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception From Broadway Near 12th Street

1940's photograph of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at 425 West 11th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces northwest from the east side of Broadway Boulevard just north of 12th Street. The Commercial Hotel at 1104 Broadway is pictured far right.

Castle Apartments

Photograph of the Castle Apartments, once located on the west side of Troost Avenue between 26th Street and 27th Street. This vantage point faces northwest near the northeast corner of 27th and Troost.

Cars Parked in Country Club Plaza

An autochrome photograph of two automobiles parked next to a bed of flowers in the Country Club Plaza at the southeast corner of Alameda Road (now Nichols Road) and Central Street. This vantage point faces north-northwest towards the building at the northeast corner of Alameda and Central.

Carnegie Public Library, Olathe

Photograph of the Carnegie Public Library in Olathe, Kansas, circa 1920. The library was designed by architect J. D. Walters and opened in February 1914, and was demolished in the mid-1960s following the construction of a new library building. 

Carmen's Building

Photograph of the Carmen's Building, located at the southwest corner of Baltimore Avenue and Linwood Boulevard. The building is labeled "Deaner Institute".

Carbide and Carbon Building

Photograph with full frontal and side view of the Carbide and Carbon Building (later called Union Carbide Building) located on the west side of Baltimore between 9th and 10th Street. This vantage point faces northwest from atop the First National Bank at the northeast corner of 10th and Baltimore.

Campbell Baking Company Building and Bread Trucks

Photograph of bread delivery trucks parked outside of the Campbell Baking Company, located at the northeast corner of 30th Street and Troost Avenue.