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Boyle-Pryor Construction Company Building

Photograph of the Boyle-Pryor Construction Company Building near the southeastern city limits at that time.

Boston Building

Photograph of the Boston Building, once located at the northeast corner of 8th Street and Wyandotte Street.

Boley Building and Telephone Building

Photograph with rooftop view looking northeast along 12th Street from Main Street. Shows Boley Building at the northwest corner of Walnut Street and 12th Street and, in the distance, the Telephone Building under construction. A sign on the nearest building reads "Foreman and Clark From Coast to Coast."

Board of Trade Building

Photograph of the Board of Trade Building, located at the southeast corner of 10th Street and Wyandotte Street.

Board of Education Repair Department

Photograph of the Kansas City School District Repair Department at 1520 Campbell Street. As of 2017, the building still stands with an addition to its frontage. This vantage point faces west from the east side of Campbell Street just north of 16th Street.

Black Hawk Barbecue

Exterior photograph of the Black Hawk Barbecue restaurant advertising meals and delivery. This vantage point faces northwest near the south sidewalk of 14th Street between Lydia Avenue and The Paseo.

Black Hawk Barbecue

Photograph of the Black Hawk Barbecue restaurant, as well as the Lydia Market and Lydia Plaza buildings in the background. This vantage point faces northwest from the southwest corner of The Paseo and 14th Street.

Black Hawk Barbecue

Photograph of VeEssa Spivey posing with two other women and a car that has been decorated for a parade and with an advertisement for Black Hawk Barbecue.

Big deal pending, Stockyards, Kansas City, Missouri

Photograph of merchants discussing a deal for beef cattle in the West Bottoms stockyards in Kansas City, Missouri. The northwest corner of the Kansas City Live Stock Exchange building is shown to the left. This vantage point faces southwest towards the Missouri-Kansas border from just west of the Daily Drovers Telegram at 1505 Genessee Street.

Berbiglia Building

Photograph of the Berbigilia Building, once located at the southeast corner of 31st Street and Forest Avenue. Signage for P. Berbigilia & Son is shown on the first floor facing 31st Street. This vantage point faces south-southeast on Forest Avenue just north of 31st Street.

Bentonian Apartments

Photograph of the Bentonian Apartments at the southeast corner of 9th Street and Benton Boulevard.

Bemis Brothers Bag Company

Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view of the Bemis Brothers Bag Company; located at 925 and 937 Wyoming Street.