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Memorandum from John N. McCormick to Harold G. Robinson regarding former Kansas City city councilman Hurley Daily's remarks on the issue of election fraud.

Modified photograph of Kansas City gambler and Mafia associate Morris "Snag" Klein.

Report from a grand jury inquiry concerning federal law violations and the personals involved in the Western District of Missouri.

Memorandum describing testimony from Morris "Snag" Klein, stating that he was a partner of Charles Binaggio in the Missouri Electric and Construction Company and Ace Sales and Equipment Company, as well as the Green Hills and Last Chance gambling clubs.

Letter from Joseph T. Lenge to Charles Binaggio, thanking him for the support of the First Ward Democratic Club in a recent campaign. Lenge was a candidate for Jackson County assessor in 1948.

Kansas City Police Department record for Giovanni "John" Blando, including his known addresses and history of arrests and charges. Blando had been charged with a variety of crimes starting in 1926, including arson, gambling, traffic, and prohibition violations.

Kansas City Police Department record for Kansas City organized crime figure Frank Deluca. DeLuca was charged with numerous traffic, liquor, and other violations beginning in 1923.

Memorandum regarding Vincent Chiappetta, a partner in the North Side Distributing Company during Prohibition, and later in the Super Wines and Liquors Company after repeal. Investigators seek information he has about Charles Carollo and whether he was a partner in bootlegging efforts.

Diagram from the U.S. Senate Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce, illustrating the Kansas City Mafia's engagement in narcotics, murder, gambling games and bookmaking, and liquor distribution. Names of alleged members are listed, as are victims of unsolved murders.

Memorandum summarizing the biography and criminal activity of James Balestrere.

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of Jack J. "Nagel" Maroon.

Memorandum regarding Peter DiGiovanni, former Kansas City bootlegger and brother of Joseph DiGiovanni. The two brothers operated Mid-West Distribution Company, a liquor distributor throughout Jackson County, which also employed other mafia-affiliated men.