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Kansas City Police Department Photograph of John Mangiaracina

Kansas City Police Department full-length photographs of John Mangiaricina.

Kansas City Organized Crime Profiles

Profiles of prominent Kansas City organized crime figures, including Charles Binaggio, Gaetano "Thomas" Lococo, and James Balestrere.

Joseph DiGiovannia Mugshots

Two sets of mugshots of Joseph "Scarface" DiGiovanni. The photographs show DiGiovanni before and after he developed the distinctive burn scars that earned him the nickname "Scarface."

Joseph DeLuca Police Photographs

Kansas City Police Department full length photographs of organized crime figure Joseph DeLuca.

Joseph DeLuca Mugshot

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of organized crime figure Frank DeLuca.

James Balestrere Police Record

Kansas City Police Department record noting James Balestrere's arrest on March 19, 1940, on charges of speeding and lacking a city or state auto license. The city license charge was dismissed, and Balestrere was fined $5 for each of the other two charges. The document also includes Balestrere's home address.

Jack Maroon Mugshot

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of Jack J. "Nagel" Maroon.

Grand Jury Presentment of Local Crime Conditions Interim Report

Report from a grand jury inquiry concerning federal law violations and the personals involved in the Western District of Missouri. The grand jury heard from 185 witnesses, with 90% of those witnesses being law violators, and determined "there is no organized attempt" at violating federal laws in the district, and those violations "are committed by individuals rather than by a regular organized concert of individuals or by some crime syndicate." The report goes on to discuss the court's belief that its quick processing of cases has a deterrent effect on crime.

Giovanni Blando Mugshot

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of organized crime figure Giovanni "John" Blando, including a physical description, listing his occupation as bar owner, and recording an arrest for arson on December 7, 1933.

Gambling Operations

List of gambling operations located primarily in Kansas City, including the Green Hills Club and State Line Tavern, and numerous other bookmaking and dice games.

From Unknown to Mr. Halley

Letter, labeled "confidential," from an unknown correspondent to Mr. Halley, regarding information received from Kansas City crime boss Charles Binaggio's brother, Dominick. Tim Moran, a "big time gambler here under ... both Prendergasts [sic]," is reported to have instructed Charles Binaggio to support a Pendergast candidate in exchange for sparing numerous men in Binaggio's inner circle from income tax fraud indictments.

From S. H. Toucey to Estes Kefauver

Letter labeled "PERSONAL" from S. H. Toucey to Senator Estes Kefauver, regarding his Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce. Toucey writes that he doesn't "like CRIME anymore than the United States Senate do," and goes on to summarize his view of election fraud andand insurance scandals in Kansas City and Jackson County.