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Photograph of Giovanni "John" Blando

Photograph of Kansas City organized crime figure Giovanni "John" Blando.

Organized Crime Profiles

Profiles of Kansas City organized crime figures Joe "Scarface" DiGiovanni, his brother Peter "Sugarhouse Pete" DiGiovanni, James Balestrere, Nicolo Impostato, Vincent Chiapetta, Thomas Lococo, Tony Gizzo, and Joseph DeLuca, including biographical information, discussions of criminal involvement and known associates, and records with the Kansas City Police Department. Charges including kidnapping, murder, Prohibition violations, selling narcotics, and other crimes. The document also notes whether these mens had been interviewed by the Kefauver Committee.

Objectives of the Kansas City Kefauver Hearing

Document stating the objectives of the Kansas City hearings of the U.S. Senate Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce, popularly known as the Kefauver Committee. The document says the committee intends to establish that a group of criminals, who operated gambling and illegal liquor establishments centered around Charles Binaggio, attempted to dominate Kansas City law enforcement.

Nick Penna Photograph

Altered photograph of Nick Penna, chauffeur and bodyguard to Kansas City crime boss Charles Binaggio.

Mugshot of Walt Rainey

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of Walt Rainey, an ally of numerous Kansas City organized crime figures.

Mugshot of John Mangiaracina

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina.

Memorandum re: Walter Lewis Rainey

Memorandum regarding Walt Rainey, described as "an operator of notorious restaurants and night clubs," who allegedly runs his businesses in violation of gambling and liquor laws. The document includes descriptions of his various businesses, including The Plantation, located east of the Kansas City city limits, where gambling and horse race betting took place and liquor was served outside of legal hours; and the White House Tavern, south of the Kansas City city limits, where gambling was also permitted, which he allegedly operated for James Balestrere.

Memorandum re: Walt Rainey

Memorandum describing testimony given by Walt Rainey, a member of the Joe Shannon-led Rabbit Club and associate of Max Jaben and "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina. Rainey is described as under indictment in state court for operating a "policy game" and in federal court for tax fraud.

Memorandum re: Vincent Chiappetta

Memorandum regarding Vincent Chiappetta, a partner in the North Side Distributing Company during Prohibition, and later in the Super Wines and Liquors Company after repeal. Investigators seek information he has about Charles Carrollo and whether he was a partner in bootlegging efforts.

Memorandum re: Tony Ballano

Memorandum regarding Tony Ballano, Kansas City organized crime figure. The memo summarizes biographical information, as well as his police record and involvement in criminal activities, as well as noting that he "has not been very prominent publicly in the last ten years." Ballano is described as "an old-time bomb thrower and Black Hander," who was shot six times by the police during a stake out.

Memorandum re: Peter DiGiovanni

Memorandum regarding Peter DiGiovanni, former Kansas City bootlegger and brother of Joseph DiGiovanni. The two brothers operated Mid-West Distribution Company, a liquor distributor throughout Jackson County, which also employed other mafia-affiliated men. The DiGiovannis were also allegedly associated with organized crime figure Charles Carollo, James Balestrere, and John Blando during Prohibition. Investigators want to know what information he has about employee Paul Cantanzaro, a suspect in the murder of Frank Caramussa, Jr.

Memorandum re: Nick Penna

Memorandum regarding Nick Penna, Charles Binaggio's chauffeur and bodyguard who is "believed to have the true story of the Binaggio murder." The memo also describes Penna as on the payroll of a company owned by Anthony Gizzo.