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Kansas City Police Department mugshot of Charles Binaggio. Binaggio, organized crime boss and ally of Tom Pendergast who rose to greater power after Pendergast's imprisonment, was found shot in April, 1950 along with Charles Gargotta at the First Ward Democratic Club.

Memorandum regarding Tony Ballano, Kansas City organized crime figure.

Kansas City Police Department record for Pete DiGiovanni, including charges for liquor violation and murder.

Memorandum regarding Kansas City, Kansas, Chief of Police Will Johns, stating that he will testify about raids on the State Line Club and surveys done to determine how much of the business existed on each side of the Missouri/Kansas state line.

Letter labeled "PERSONAL" from S. H. Toucey to Senator Estes Kefauver, regarding his Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce.

Memorandum regarding Holt Coffey, former sheriff of Platte County, Missouri. The memo states as known that Coffey "accepted pay-offs from the operators of the Green Hills Club," and splitting that money iwth R. P. C. Wilson, III, the former Platte County Attorney.