Pendergast, James M.

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William D. Boyle, Tom Pendergast, and James M. Pendergast

Clipping from the Kansas City Times on July 3, 1937 showing William D. Boyle of Boyle-Pryor Construction Company, Thomas J. Pendergast, and James M. Pendergast, all of whom allegedly assisted defendants in the 1936 Election Vote Fraud Trails. The caption for each photograph includes a quote from that person.

U.S. vs. Thomas J. Pendergast: From Lewis J. Grout to Merrill E. Otis

Letter from Chief U.S. Probation Officer Lewis J. Grout to Judge Merrill E. Otis concerning Criminal Case No. 14458: United States vs. Thomas J. Pendergast, Defendant. In this letter, Grout affirms that despite newspaper reports, T. J. Pendergast has not participated in political activities since his release from prison. These actions would be a violation of Pendergast's parole. During this time, Pendergast was accused of directing Harry Truman's political campaign.

Truman conversing with James Pendergast

President Harry S. Truman (right) with James Pendergast, evidently taken in Independence, Missouri, upon Truman's arrival from Washington, D.C. This photo has been badly retouched and contains crop marks. Donor: John Boos.

Truman at Tom Pendergast Funeral

Photograph of Harry S. Truman speaking to James Pendergast following Tom Pendergast's funeral.

Trip to Europe Curtailed

Photograph with caption, describing Thomas J. Pendergast's abrupt decision to end his tour of Europe because of the illness of his wife, Carolyn Elizabeth Pendergast.

Tom Pendergast and James M. Pendergast

Photograph of T. J. Pendergast (left) and James M. Pendergast (right). The caption on the back of the image reads, "KC 440785, K.C. POLITICAL SMILES AS MACHINE CLICKS KANSAS CITY, MO.----T. J. (Tom) Pendergast, dominant Democratic leader of Kansas City, is shown here with his nephew and Chief Lieutenant, James M. Pendergast, smiling broadly as they anticipated victory in the Kansas City elections. The picture was taken in the Pendergast wigwam, known as Jackson Democratic Club.

Thomas Pendergast and his Nephew James Pendergast

Photograph showing Tom Pendergast and his nephew James Pendergast. Tom Pendergast is seated, and his nephew standing.

Thomas J. Pendergast and James Pendergast

Kansas City political boss Thomas J. Pendergast and his nephew, James Pendergast, sit on a bench together in what appears to be an office, ca. 1939. From: Truman Home.

Telegram from Jim Pendergast to Guy Park

Telegram from Jim Pendergast to Governor Guy Park of Missouri asking that T. H. Cutler be retained as Chief Engineer.

Summons for General Court-Martial

Photocopy of a military circular letter that calls fourteen officers of the 130th Field Artillery to be present at a general court-martial for persons unnamed in the letter. Among these officers are 1st Lieutenant James M. Pendergast, who had previously served with Harry S. Truman in the 129th Field Artillery. The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum does not hold the original document.

Souvenir of the 50th Anniversary, Sisters of Mercy, Kansas City

Souvenir of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy, Kansas City. Included are photographs of Bishop Thomas F. Lillis, Reverend John P. Prendergast, and other local clergy. Also included is a history of the Sisters of Mercy in Kansas City along with building photographs of the First Convent of Mercy in Kansas City and St. Agnes Academy Chapel. Notable political figures paying compliments include the 12th Ward Democratic Club, 10th Ward Democratic Club, Thomas J. Pendergast, James M. Pendergast, and D. M. Nigro.

Report of William A. Kitchen

Report from William Kitchen on the status of Lloyd Stark's gubernatorial campaign in various communities across Missouri.