Pendergast, James M.

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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast regarding appointees for the tax and game commissions.

Letter from Jim Pendergast to Guy B. Park recommending Rufus Maddox for a position as Deputy Inspector.

Letter from Jacob L. Milligan to Guy B. Park discussing political "back-biting" in Missouri surrounding the funeral of Francis Wilson.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast noting the success of Guy Park in the election, the death of Doc Biggs, and other matters.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast, nephew of Boss Tom Pendergast, inquiring as to when Tom will return to Kansas City from a trip to Colorado so that Stark might travel to meet with them.

Note from Jim Pendergast to Allen, making introduction of Jasper De Maria and asking to get him in to see Governor Guy B. Park.

Confidental memorandum regarding Pendergast machine activities. The memo mentions patronage from the current governor, internal feuds, the State Highway Department, and advises allying Jim Aylward because "[Tom Pendergast] is slipping [and] Young Jim incompetent."

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to James A. Reed. Clark suggests that Reed convinces Pendergast to support Elmer Jones instead of H. O. Maxey or Gene Nelson as Missouri Speaker of the House.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Governor Guy B. Park recommending Ernest O. Boone and his wife for positions at the State Industrial Home for Girls in Tipton, Missouri.

Letter from Ewing C. Bland to his uncle, Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on February 2, 1937. In this restrained letter, Bland attempts to undermine the credibility of Marie Plummer and her statements she charged Bland with saying.

Letter from Kansas City Court of Appeals judge, Ewing C. Bland, to his uncle on January 13, 1933. Bland provides his analysis of the Missouri political landscape as Mitchell attempts seek political support in a campaign for office.

Telegram from Lloyd C. Stark to James Pendergast, inviting Pendergast to join a group to visit Stark and attend the Missouri State Corn Husking Contest.