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World War I soldiers parade in Kansas City, Missouri

World War I soldiers, returning from Europe, march down Grand Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri, in a victory parade. Union Station can be seen faintly in the background to the southwest. From: Mrs. D. S. Catechis.

World War I Color Guard in Kansas City, Missouri

A World War I Color Guard (either 128th or 129th field artillery or 140th infantry) marches down Grand Avenue (now Grand Boulevard) in Kansas City, Missouri, in a parade of soldiers returning home from Europe. From: Mrs. D. S. Catechis.


Southeastern Missouri newspaper clipping reporting on Governor Lloyd C. Stark's campaign announcement for U.S. Senator of Missouri. The author favors Senator Harry S. Truman for reelection as he is believed to have a better chance of beating a Republican nominee over his Democratic rivals Stark and Maurice M. Milligan. The author then paints a favorable portrait of Truman and tells the reader to not fear his association with Pendergast, saying, "Don't be foolish enough to vote against him [Truman] just because Tom Pendergast was for him.

Truman with Tom Pendergast and others

Senator Harry S. Truman, Thomas J. Pendergast, James P. Aylward, James Farley, N. G. Robertson, and David Fitzgerald at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Truman in World War I Armistice parade

Harry S. Truman and the 129th Field Artillery in front of the Muehlebach Hotel during the November 1921 Armistice parade in Kansas City, MO. Truman is in uniform, on the far side of the street, behind the man in the suit. This photograph was taken looking southeast on 12th Street just west of Baltimore Avenue.

Truman for U.S. Senator 1940 Club Cards

The Truman for U.S. Senator 1940 Club member cards of C. A. Schutty and Alvin Roberts. Active members are those that have "pledged active support in the coming campaign." Included on the card is a small, monochromatic drawing of Harry S. Truman.

Truman conversing with James Pendergast

President Harry S. Truman (right) with James Pendergast, evidently taken in Independence, Missouri, upon Truman's arrival from Washington, D.C. This photo has been badly retouched and contains crop marks. Donor: John Boos.

Truman and Jackson County Judges, 1931

Jackson County Judges Harry S. Truman, William O. Beeman, and Eugene I. "Buck" Purcell took the oath of office on January 6, 1931. L-R: Jackson County Clerk Eddie Becker, Eastern district Judge Eugene Purcell, Presiding Judge Harry S. Truman, Western district Judge William O. Beeman, and Jackson County Deputy Sherriff Tiny Johnson.

Truman & Jacobson, Incorporated Preferred Stock Certificate

Preferred stock certificate for Truman & Jacobson, Incorporated, signed and sealed on March 10, 1921. The document provides a receipt that John H. Thacher owns 5 shares of the company, at $100.00 per share. The certificate includes signatures by Truman and Jacobson.

Truman & Jacobson Haberdashers Advertisement

Advertisement for Truman & Jacobson Haberdashers at 104 W. 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The tongue-in-cheek message describes the mutual benefit between consumer and company by patronizing the haberdashery.

Tom Pendergast

Portrait of Tom Pendergast.

Thomas W. Parrent Campaign Speech

Transcript of a speech given by Thomas W. Parrent running for Democratic nominee for Jackson County judge in the 1922 local primary election. Parrent primarily discusses road improvement throughout Jackson County, Missouri. Parrent lost to Harry S. Truman 39 - 117.