Election Frauds--1936

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Letter from E. K. Bonebrake to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing his experience with machine election fraud in his role as a Republican election judge in 1936.

Letter from Guy Peabody to Governor Guy Park asking him to take action in response to recent incidents of election fraud in Kansas City.

Letter from John L. Clark to Guy B. Park regarding election fraud and demanding the ouster of Park's appointed election commissioners.

Letter from Harry Truman to Jack Stapleton descibing his positive attitude toward Lloyd Stark and his candidacy for Missouri Governor.

Letter from Joseph Morton to Guy Park, accompanying a copy of a letter sent to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, stressing the need for action regarding allegations of election fraud in recent Kansas City primaries.

Letter from Lowell R. Johnson to 1936 Missouri gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett, indicating the presence of election fraud in Kansas City.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Sye Brisley thanking him for a recent letter and asking for reports on his gubernatorial campaign. He also notes that he will be attending the funeral of Dr. Unsell.

Letter from Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Ward of Clinton County to Lloyd C. Stark describing the opportunity for support for his candidacy among farmers in Caldwell and Clinton counties.

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett describing his attempts to counteract and prosecute voting fraud during the 1936 election in Kansas City.

Letter from Jesse Barrett to Lowell R. Johnson inquiring about the possibility of filing a contest of Missouri election results in order to prompt a probe.

Letter from Guy Peabody to Governor Park describing the corrupt practices surrounding the upcoming election on November 3, 1936, and demanding action from him.

Letter from John A. Jacaty, editor of The Kirkwood Monitor, urging candidate Lloyd Stark to to distance himself from the Pendergast machine.