Election Frauds--1936

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Response letter from Governor Park re-emphasizing that the authorities will investigate election fraud allegations is proven to be warranted.

Letter to Orrin Shaw indicating candidate Lloyd Stark's intention to hold a labor meeting in Kansas City.

Report and statements regarding the investigation into the 1936 election fraud by the Honest Elections Committee of the Lawyers Association of Kansas City. The report supports the approval of the selected nominees for the Board of Election Commissioners.

Letter from H. V. Shirts of Cameron, Missouri to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, urging him to address the problem of fraudulent elections in the state.

Letter from Governor Guy Park to H. V. Shirts, downplaying the Kansas City Star's recent allegations of election fraud. He indicates that the paper is biased toward Republicans.

St. Louis Star-Times article about the 1936 investigation into election fraud, including a sketch of Pendergast by Thomas Hart Benton. The article reports Pendergast "said today that he had been investigated so often that 'one more doesn't bother me much.'" He argued that he had no idea of any election fraud.

Letter from an unknown author to Leo Kanan, District Superintentdent of the WPA Equipment Department. The author indicates that he told Lloyd Stark to contact him at some point, and advises Kanan to "introduce him to some of your good Union Labor friends."

Letter from Joseph Morton to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, urging him to address the problem of fraudulent voting perpetuated by Democrats.

Response letter from Governor Park to Fred D. Fowler advising him to report criminal activities in Kansas City to the authorities.

Response letter from Governor Park to Guy Peabody asserting that, if reports of election fraud are true, they will be handled by the authorities.

Letter from H. V Shirts to Guy B. Park, refuting the governor's previous claims that election fraud was not a concern in Kansas City.

Response letter from Guy Peabody to Governor Park insisting that reports of election fraud in Kansas city are true.