Election Frauds--1936

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Clipping from the Kansas City Times on February 16, 1937 showing drawings and photographs from the 1936 Election Vote Fraud Trial. Included are depictions of the courtroom, evidence, and corridor outside of the courtroom. Vincent J. Doherty (Chief Deputy Election Commissioner), Fred M.

Clipping entitled, "The Thirteen Jurors Who Will Hear the Vote Fraud Trial" from the Kansas City Times on February 16, 1937. The caption provides the name, profession, and hometown of each juror, all of whom live outside of Jackson County.

Citizens' League Bulletin issue with the main article reporting on the 1936 Election Voter Fraud Trials and general corrpution in Kansas City. Other articles document the cost of crime, air transportation, tax dogers, economic plans, federal salaries, and Kansas City gambling.

Clipping from the Kansas City Times on July 3, 1937 showing William D. Boyle of Boyle-Pryor Construction Company, Thomas J. Pendergast, and James M. Pendergast, all of whom allegedly assisted defendants in the 1936 Election Vote Fraud Trails. The caption for each photograph includes a quote from that person.

Clipping of Frances B. Ryan from the Kansas City Journal-Post on April 1, 1937 with caption stating, "Mrs.

Clipping from Time (magazine) on February 22, 1937 detailing the election fraud that occured in Kansas City during the 1936 General Election. The article features extended quotes from Judge Albert L.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13683: United States vs. J. R. Hennessey, Sam Gougher, Lula Overly, Charles O. Jackson, Viola Turner, and Jack Turner, defendants.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13945: United States vs. Fred A. Bird, Wanda E. Edmiston, William W. Seavy, James B. Redwine, Ethel Ellen Holliday, and Jean Sote, defendants.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 14057: United States vs. Daniel Raymond Griffith, Ina May Lavery, Lula K. Barnard, Lois Mannon Puffer, Charles Franklin Baldwin, Minerva Grubbs Kenmuir, George Stephen Hayde, John William Curns, and Martha J. Baldwin, defendants.

Judgments and commitment in Criminal Case No. 13754: United States vs. Ellis Buck, Sam Brenner, Viola Doss, Louise Davis, Ruth Tucker, Frances M. Eaton, Ernest Williams, Herman Supofsky, Elva O'Byrne, and Frances B. Ryan, defendants.

Judgments and commitments in Criminal Case No. 13770: United States vs. John P. Lynch, Lillie Current, Jack Cole, Edna Green, Esther Halbert, and Evelyn Parker, defendants.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13740: United States vs. P. H. Slattery, M. J. Donahue, J. C. Brossman, and James Regan, defendants. The defendants were charged with conspiring to impede citizens' right to vote and have that vote truthfully counted in the 21th Precinct of the 5th Ward during the November 3, 1936 election.