H. F. McElroy, Jr., Mary McElroy, H. F. McElroy


Clipping entitled "Home Again" in Kansas City Journal-Post on May 29, 1933 showing Mary McElroy after she was released from her kidnapping. The caption states, "A large crowd of friends which had awaited anxiously at the home of H. F. McElroy during the long hours following the kidnapping of his daughter, Mary, Saturday morning was on hand to greet her when she was returned Sunday afternoon by her father and brother following her release at the Milburn Golf club. The picture above, taken just after the family had stepped from the car, shows H. F. McElroy, jr., Miss Mary McElroy and the city manager." This vantage point faces north towards the south entrance to St. Teresa's Academy across the street.

Kansas City Journal-Post
May 29th 1933
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21 West 57th Street
Kansas City, MO
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William T. Kemper Sr. Scrapbooks: S7.12B, Page 234
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