"Where Rum Has Been Unloaded"


Clipping from the Kansas City Journal on February 28, 1925 depicting the area surrounding the intersection of 15th Street (now Truman Road) and Crystal Avenue where illegal liquors were allegedly unloaded for distribution. The caption states, "The map shows the tracks of the Frisco and Missouri Pacific railroads in the Centropolis district where most of the fine liquors received by the Kansas City liquor ring are said to have been unloaded. Small green trucks, some of them covered and having the appearance of bakery or flower [sic] trucks, usually were loaded at the team track, indicated on the map, according to authorities. A switch track of the Frisco, which runs to a point near the small garage rented by Joseph R Gant, has not been used for months, it was learned. The closed Centropolis bank is located at the southwest corner of Fifteenth street and Crystal avenue, and the M. & M. garage is a short distance west on Fifteenth street."

Kansas City Journal
February 28th 1925
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Kansas City, MO
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William T. Kemper Sr. Scrapbooks: S7.06B, Page 154
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