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Residence Map of the Committee of 1000

Spot map of Kansas City, Missouri indicating approximate place of residence of the members of the Committee of 1000. This committee was involved in the Ten Year Plan.

Map of Wyandotte Co. Kansas

This map of Wyandotte County, KS, shows the land owners on sections in townships 10-12 south, and ranges 23-25 east. It includes the towns of Quindaro, Shawnee, Kansas City, Edwardsville, and Bonner Springs. In addition, roads, railroads, electric railways, schools, churches, cemeteries, streams, and rivers are marked on the map. Railroads in the area include: Kansas City, Kaw Valley & V.R.R.R.

Map of Triple Killing on August 12, 1933

Map of the shootout between police and gangsters on the morning of August 12, 1933. The caption states, "A diagram of the scene of the Saturday morning gun battle in the vicinity of Amour boulevard and Forest avenue, showing the paths taken by the gangsters in their pursuit of Ferris J. Anton and the route taken by Sheriff Thomas B. Bash, who killed two of the gunmen, and captured a third man."

Map of Kaw River harbor lines, Kansas City

Map depicting locations of railroad lines in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City adjacent to the Stockyards.

Map of Floral Hills Cemetery

Photograph of an architectural drawing of Floral Hills cemetery, drawn by Hare & Hare, a landscape architecture firm. The cemetery is located north of 71st Boulevard (Gregory Boulevard) between James A. Reed Road and Blue Ridge Extension (Blue Ridge Boulevard).

Map of Expenditures for Major Traffic Arteries

Map of Kansas City, Missouri indicating a proposed plan for expenditure of $8.3 million for major traffic arteries in Kansas City.

Last Chance Saloon Map

Hand drawn map of the Last Chance Saloon, which was built to span the Missouri/Kansas state line. The entry is located on Southwest Boulevard in Kansas, with gambling taking place behind several doors and upstairs, across the state line in Missouri.

Hocker Grove Plat Map

Plat map illustrating available lots for development in the Hocker Grove subdivision in Merriam, Kansas, circa 1915. The subdivision, between 55th Street on the north and Johnson Drive (then Main Street) on the south, was located west of Turkey Creek and developed by Richard W. Hocker. The map illustrates the route of the Kansas City, Lawrence & Topeka Electric Railroad running largely east to west through the development, roughly parallel to Hocker Avenue.

Harbor lines for Kansas River at Kansas City, Kansas

Set of 3 hand-drawn ink-on-linen maps showing the harbor lines for the Kansas River at Kansas City, Kansas, from Turkey Creek to the Argentine Wagon Bridge, showing U. S. Harbor lines, and Kaw Valley Drainage Districts modified lines. Prepared by the Chief Engineer, Drainage Board, for the Kaw Valley Drainage District. It includes the locations of manufacturers along the river.

Fairfax Industrial District, Union Pacific System, Kansas City, Kansas

Blueprint map of the Fairfax Industrial District in Kansas City, Kansas, showing Union Pacific Railroad facilities, tracks, and other properties, as well as depicting features of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers and mapping city streets and the rail lines of other companies. The map was created by the Union Pacific Chief Engineer's Office in Omaha, Nebraska.

Council Districts and Wards of Kansas City

Map of Kansas City council districts and wards from the Missouri River south to the then-city limits at 77th and 79th Streets, and from the Kansas state line east to the eastern city limits. Shaded areas show increase in voter registrations of more than 10% between August and November 1940.

Brookside Extension Map

Map of the proposed Brookside Extension to aid in the commute from the Country Club District to downtown Kansas City, Missouri.