Street railroad

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Photograph of a trolley car taking a rail fork around a large building circa 1920. The line ispart of the Kansas City and Olathe Electric Trolley, also known as the Hocker Line. A handwritten note on the bottom of the image indicates the view is looking west from the Turkey Creek Bridge.

Photograph of two men posing outside a Kansas City and Olathe Electric Railway car in the 1910s. The single trolley car bears a "SHAWNEE" sign on the front, and "Shawnee" and "Kansas City & Olathe E. R." are painted on its side.

Photograph of Walnut Grove, a grassy area surrounded by trees, in downtown Overland Park circa 1920. Looking north along Santa Fe Drive from near 80th Street, the Strang Line car barn can be seen in the background at left, and rRailroad tracks run along the right side of the image.

Photograph of a Strang Line trolley car passing in front of tall wooden fence at Aviation Park in the 1910s. The airfield and park was roughly located between 83rd Street on the north and 87th Street on the south, and and Lowell Avenue on the west and Riley Street on the east.