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Photograph of Fred Harvey staff waitresses, the Harvey Girls, at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri.


The Indian Lane ford over Brush Creek in Mission Hills, Nichols children in the center, Harriet Smith on the left.


Photograph of the Overland Park Grade School basketball team in 1922.


This picnic oven in Indian Hills was a favorite spot of Mr. Nichols, and the family often spent an evening here. Mr.


A view of four children on bicycles riding across the ford just west of the intersection of Indian Lane and Mission Drive.


Marion Cauger, friend of Walt Disney, seated on a statue of a lion at the Thomas H. Swope Memorial in Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri.

4 /2 /1922

Photograph of the Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra at the Newman Theater performing a skit to accompany Charlie Chaplin's film "The Pilgrim

4 /1923

Nearly a dozen young children on scooters participating in 1923 Community Field Day on the grounds of the Pembroke-Country Day School.

5 /11 /1923

A panorama of the Kansas City Speedway, a wooden racetrack in operation from 1922-1924 near the present-day Bannister Federal Complex at Bannister

7 /4 /1923

Panoramic photograph of the Kansas City Monarchs, including L-R: Jack Marshall (P), Hurley McNair (OF/P) , Newt Joseph (3B), Harold 'Yellowhor


Kansas City Monarchs and Hilldale Giants standing side by side at the opening game Negro Leagues' first Colored World Series in Kansas City, M

10 /11 /1924

Photograph of the 1925 Stillwell High School girls basketball team.


Photograph of the ruins of the American Royal building which was destroyed in a fire in February 1925.

2 /14 /1925

Photograph of young women in costumes posing in front of a building in the Kansas City area, with two men peeking out a window at the group.

8 /6 /1925

1926 photograph of the Lincoln Theatre stage and orchestra in pit.


Photograph of the 1926 Boys Hotel Basketball Team.