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Photograph of Ben Bernie, radio star and musician, with Frank Cromwell and Mayor Bryce Smith and other unidentified men at unidentified location wi

Photograph of L. D. Livingston of the Kansas City Monarchs. The photo appears to be autographed "To Vessa From a Friend, L. D.

Photograph of a big band on stage labeled "Don Juan's All-Spanish Dance Band."

Photograph of a large pavilion building standing in Overland Park, Kansas's Aviation Park.

Photograph of H. Roe Bartle, Boy Scout executive and future Kansas City mayor.

Photograph taken between 1935 and 1943 of an arts and crafts building at Kensington Park, Kansas City, Kansas.

A group of people working in the Laugh-O-Gram office, located in the second story of the McConahay Building at 31st Street and Forest Avenue.

The Happy Holler Band posed with instruments, from KMBC radio newsletter, no date.

Comic-style drawing depicting the fox hunting community in Johnson County, made as a gift for Joe and Steve Stubbs by Frank Huston, circa 1937.

Circa 1925 photograph with interior view of the original Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra seated and posed with their instruments.

Photograph of Dolores Goddard posed in dancing attire.

Group photograph of Phil Baxter's El Torreon Orchestra, taken by Anderson Photo Company, Kansas City, Missouri.

Architectural image of the interior of the Pla-Mor Ballroom created by Charles A. Smith of Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of an older man, possibly Charles W. Zuflet, sitting atop a velocipede bicycle in front of the C. W.

Photograph of an audience watching a baseball game at Muehlebach Field in Kansas City, MO.

Photograph of John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil (November 13, 1991 - October 6, 2006), a first baseman and manager in the Negro American Lea