Economic Boom, Depression, and Recovery

Image Gallery

Photograph of W. T. Kemper, Sr.

6 /20 /1936

Photograph of people seated under a pavilion tent at W. T.

6 /20 /1936

Photograph of many automobiles and a few buses parked in a field at W. T.

6 /20 /1936

Photograph of men ready to serve barbecue at W. T.

6 /20 /1936

Photograph of men in bathing suits for the Mens "Men's Bathing Beauty Contest" amongst a crowd at W. T.

6 /20 /1936

Clipping entitled "Scenes at William T.

6 /21 /1936

Political advertisement in the form of a letter to Missouri voters which characterizes Lloyd Stark as a corrupt affiliate of the Pendergast machine

8 /3 /1936

Three reproductions of the same photograph of William T. Kemper, Sr. walking on the side of the street in downtown Kansas City.

9 /5 /1936

Photograph of the interior of Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City during President Franklin Roosevelt's address, October 13, 1936.

10 /13 /1936

Photograph of an abandoned building at the southwest corner of 19th Street and Vine Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

1 /22 /1937

Clipping entitled "Getting Their Pay" from the Kansas City Journal-Post on October 18, 1937 with caption stating, "Scores of Ford as

10 /18 /1937

Editorial cartoon by S. J. Ray entitled "Armistice Day, or Just Nov 11", no date.

11 /11 /1937

Head and shoulders portrait of Lou Holland; photo autographed and dated Oct. 21, 1938.


Library and Administration buildings at the University of Kansas City, later University of Missouri-Kansas City.

5 /1938

Photograph with interior view of Monsignor Keye's benefit party for orphan children, held in the Little Theater at Municipal Auditorium.

12 /17 /1938

Photograph of a crowd assembled for a Labor Day parade at the corner of 16th Street and Cherry Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

9 /4 /1939