Economic Boom, Depression, and Recovery

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Clipping from an article on Tom Pendergast entitled "Portrait of 'The Boss'" in the Kansas City Star on February 28, 1932.

2 /28 /1932

Photograph of a totem pole dedication at Camp Bo-Ho-Ca, located on the east side of Blue River Road near 121st Street.

8 /14 /1932

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post with caption stating, "Twenty Years of Skyline Change in Kansas City.

8 /28 /1932

Souvenir program for the memorial of Frank C. Niles (1858-1932), philanthropist and President of the Niles & Moser Cigar Company.

9 /16 /1932

Clipping from The Missouri Alumnus, Vol. XXI, No.

1 /1933

Clipping entitled "James M.

1 /19 /1933

Photograph of five children and a dentist at the Westside Health Center, part of the Richard Cabot Club that "promotes a general health progra

10 /1933

Photograph of children playing at the playground of the Mattie Rhodes Neighborhood Center and Day Nursery at 1734 Jefferson.

10 /1933

Photograph of children posed on a slide at the Gillis Orphans' Home at the southwest corner of 81st Street and Wornall Road.

10 /1933

Photograph of eleven women engaged in various activities in the parlor at the Girls' Hotel at 1805 Jefferson.

10 /1933

Photograph of seated women waiting at the employment bureau maintained at the Young Women's Christian Association at 1020 McGee.

10 /1933

Photograph of the front entrance to the Harry M.

10 /1933

Photograph of boys learning to make toys and furniture for themselves in a workshop at the Minute Circle Friendly House.

10 /1933

Identified on the photograph as "An oriental dinner given by Mr. and Mrs.

5 /17 /1934

Newspaper clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post, Sunday, July 8, 1934; “Photographs of Men of Prominence in Kansas City and Vicinity”.

7 /8 /1934

Photograph of the Women's Christian Temperance Union Carry A. Nation Home at 738 Broadview Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas.

10 /1934