Economic Boom, Depression, and Recovery

Image Gallery

Photograph with full frontal and side view of Kansas City Club building looking northwest from 13th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

Photograph entitled "Six A.M.", showing boys waking up in the morning in a ward sleeping room at the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner o

Photograph of James A. Reed and Nell Donnelly Reed's home at 5236 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of Aviator Art Goebel and another man standing outside of the Art Goebel School of Flying at Municipal Airport.

Photograph entitled "Clean Up", showing boys washing each other's hair in the bathroom at the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner of

Portrait photograph of Conrad H. Mann, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and architect of the Ten Year Plan.

Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view of the Commerce Trust Company, located at the northwest corner of 10th Street and Walnut Street.

Photograph of boys reading books and newspapers in the lobby of the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner of Admiral Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

Photograph of men standing around a Nicolas-Beazley NB-3P monoplane at Municipal Airport. The airplane, reg.

Photograph of an interior view of customers and waitresses at the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company's Fred Harvey House in Union

Photograph of boys reading and studying in the library at the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner of Admiral Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

Detention Homr

Photograph of the Old Detention Home on Oak Street, south of Fifth Street, ca. 1930s. This vantage point faces west-southwest on Oak Street.

Photograph of eight boys attending a class on dining etiquette with Mrs.

Photograph of a banquet in the auditorium of the Boys Hotel Club Memorial Building on Admiral Boulevard between Flora Avenue and Highland Avenue.

Collage assembled in 1925 of the Presidents of The Commercial Club of Kansas City and it's successor The Chamber of Commerce.

Photograph of the NC8088 Inland W-500 Super Sport, modified from a S-300 Sport model. It is shown parked at Municipal Airport.