Machine Politics, Organized Crime, and Reform

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Photograph of the Jackson County Courthouse, Kansas City, Missouri, ca. 1930s.

Portrait of James Cowgill, Mayor of Kansas City MO from 1918-1922. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

Photograph of Harry S. Truman walking with unidentified men.

Photograph of John B. Gage, mayor of Kansas City from 1940 to 1946, seated at his desk with a pen in hand.

Photograph of James Alexander Reed (1861-1944), 3/4 length portrait, seated, facing left.


Political attack advertisement that documents Kansas City Star owner August F.

3 /26 /1922

Photograph of Mayor Frank Cromwell and former mayors: (left to right) James A. Reed, George M. Shelley, Darius A. Brown, Leander J.

2 /26 /1923

Portrait of Albert I. Beach, Mayor of Kansas City MO from 1924-1930. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).


Clipping from the Kansas City Journal on April 4, 1924 showing the cancelled check for $5,000 from Kelly-Dennis Company to T. J. Pendergast.

4 /4 /1924

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on April 6, 1924 showing a truck carrying a large reproduction of a check for $5,000 from Kelly-Dennis C

4 /6 /1924

Photograph of the exterior of the Wyandotte County Courthouse, located on the northwest corner of 7th Street and Minnesota Avenue, looking northwes


Clipping from the Kansas City Post on February 26, 1925 showing three Kansas City policemen involved in a heist.

2 /26 /1925

Advertisement for the re-election of Forest W. Hanna as Prosecutor of Jackson County, Missouri.


Three photographs of Senator James A. Reed with amusing captions.


Photograph with caption stating, "Kansas City's Councilmen, the city manager and the mayor, pose for a cameraman.


Clippping with caption stating, "Dr. D. M.