Labor and Industry

Image Gallery

Early 1920's photograph of the Southard Feed Mill, located at the southeast corner of 17th Street and Cookson Avenue (Potter Avenue).

Photograph of a trolley car taking a rail fork around a large building circa 1920.

Photograph of the Porter Dairy Farm near 91st and Antioch in Overland Park, Kansas, in the early 1900s.

Photograph with partial frontal view of the New York Life Building at the intersection of 9th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

Photograph of a Transcontinental and Western Air attendant checking passengers as they enter a "Lindbergh Line" Douglas Commercial airpla

Ruth Kathryn Rhodes

Photograph of Transcontinental & Western Air employee Ruth Kathryn Rhodes, who was appointed first chief hostess in December 1935.

Interior view of an Santa Fe Railroad Shop.

Photograph of VeEssa Spivey posing with two other women and a car that has been decorated for a parade and with an advertisement for Black Hawk Bar

Photograph of George DeBrabander handling a plow next to a pile of stacked lumber and assembled wooden frames circa 1932.

Group portrait of Anderson Photo Company employees posed around a camera at an unidentified location.

Photograph of a Douglas DC-2-112 airplane owned by Transcontinental & Western Air flying south over downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of William H. Spivey (left) and VeEssa Spivey (right), owners of Black Hawk Barbecue.

Photograph of a young man with a sow and piglets in a pen circa 1940.

Photograph of a woman operating a telephone switchboard at the Stilwell, Kansas phone exchange circa 1930.

Copy of the cover of a pamphlet advertising the Hocker Grove subdivision in Merriam, Kansas, circa 1915.

Photograph of six men standing outside Campbell's General Store in Merriam, Kansas, circa 1915.