Labor and Industry

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Clipping entitled "'Why Not Talk It Over?'" from the Kansas City Journal-Post on June 19, 1937 with caption stating, "

6 /19 /1937

Clipping entitled "Getting Their Pay" from the Kansas City Journal-Post on October 18, 1937 with caption stating, "Scores of Ford as

10 /18 /1937

Group portrait of Donnelly Garment Company employess, identified as "Section 521," at company Christmas party.


Photograph of nine women and a man standing in a large kitchen in Shawnee Rural High School in 1938.


Photograph of a young man and sheep posed outdoors next to a Shawnee Mission Future Farmers of America sign in 1938.


Photograph of a young man holding a wheelbarrow outside of Shawnee Mission Rural High School in 1938.


Old municipal market and city hall in the process of being torn down for a new municipal market.

1 /27 /1938

Library and Administration buildings at the University of Kansas City, later University of Missouri-Kansas City.

5 /1938

Group photograph of a gathering of Kansas School for the Deaf students and others, likely members of the South Kansas City Business Club, in 1938.

5 /25 /1938

Photograph of attendees at the National Fraternal Society of the Deaf auxiliary anniversary banquet on November 12, 1938.

11 /12 /1938

Group portrait of Donnelly Garment Company employees at company Thanksgiving party, November 18, 1938.

11 /18 /1938

Group portrait of employees identified as instructors and floor girls at a Donnelly Garment Company Christmas party at the Donnelly Clubhouse.

12 /22 /1938

Group portrait of Anderson Photo Company employees at an annual company Christmas party.

12 /23 /1938

Edward Tanner, the J. C. Nichols Company architect who designed much of the Country Club Plaza, as he appeared in 1939.


Photograph of a crowd assembled for a Labor Day parade at the corner of 16th Street and Cherry Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

9 /4 /1939

Photograph of a meeting of a Workers Alliance Lodge meeting. Charles Northington is wearing suspenders, with Anna Northington to his right.



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