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Group portrait of men and women in wedding attire at a Donnelly Garment Company Valentine's Day Party, February 8, 1929.

2 /8 /1929

Photograph of Henry F. McElroy, Jr. and Eleanor Beach, daughter of Kansas City Mayor Albert I.

6 /22 /1929

Group portrait of Harry Truman, Senator Thomas P.

11 /12 /1929

Photograph of the farmer's market at the northeast corner of 38th and State Street in Kansas City, Kansas.


Photograph of greenhouses owned by C. T.


Photograph of one Fokker F.32 airplane (left) and three Ford Tri-Motor airplanes (right) displayed for a large crowd of several thousand at Municip

4 /4 /1930

Photograph of a Donnelly Garment Company picnic, hosted by Nell Donnelly Reed at Winnwood Beach.

7 /19 /1930

Photograph of Anderson Photo Company employees playing croquet at the company picnic at Winnwood Beach.

7 /23 /1930

Group portrait of members of the Threshold Service Company bowling team, identified as the 1930-31 champions of the South Central Business Associat


Clipping from the Kansas City Journal on January 3, 1931 showing Julianne Kemper (later Julianne Kemper Gilliam), daughter of James Madison Kemper,

1 /3 /1931

Clipping entitled "Pals" from the Kansas City Journal-Post on January 11, 1931 with caption stating, "Rufus Crosby Kemper, jr., and

1 /11 /1931

Photograph of twelve men with medical paraphernalia labeled "Internes" at Kansas City's African-American General Hospital No. 2.

5 /1931

Photograph of the First Annual Picnic of the Stern Slegman Prins Company, a garment manufacturer in Kansas City, Missouri.

7 /27 /1931

Photograph of a Johnson County Fair cooking demonstration set up on the stage of the Shawnee Mission Rural High School gymnasium's stage in August

8 /1931

Photograph of the Johnson County Fair on the grounds of the Shawnee Mission Rural High School in 1932.


Group portrait of costumed Donnelly Garment Company employees attending a Halloween Party.