Labor and Industry

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Studio portrait of Robert A. Long, taken in the Salon of Corinthian Hall, ca. 1915.


Photograph of the Morris & Company (left) and the Swift & Company (right background) packing plants in Armourdale, Kansas City, Kansas.


A panoramic photograph showing a fire at the stockyards in Kansas City, Missouri. Many cattle were killed.

10 /16 /1917

Photograph of the staff of the Johnson County treasurer's office in 1918.


Interne certificate awarded to Karl A. Menninger from the General Hospital of Kansas City, Missouri. Dr.

7 /5 /1918

Photograph of the intersection of 9th Street and Locust Street taken from the public library window at the northeast corner of the intersection.


Outdoor group portrait of men and women at an unidentified park shelter. A woman holds a sign that reads "Wilson and Co.


Photograph of a grain elevator by a railroad in the Argentine industrial district of Kansas City, Kansas.


Photograph of unidentified men and women with sausages and other meats; meat stamped with "Fowler's" stamp of The Fowler Packing Com


Robert A. Long and Admiral David Richard Beatty riding in procession car to Liberty Memorial, 1921.

11 /1 /1921

Photograph of James Madison Kemper (left), father of William Thornton Kemper, Sr. (right), father of James M. Kemper, Sr.

11 /1921

J. C. Nichols Company salesmen organization, taken on the terrace of the J. C. Nichols home at 1214 W. 55th Street.


Photograph of unidentified railroad workers labeled "El Campo del Mexicanos" - the Union Pacific Railroad Mexican Camp.

5 /6 /1922

Photograph of men standing on the James Street Station Platform, Kansas City, Kansas before the last streetcar to pass over the elevated street rai

12 /29 /1922

Photograph of the Strang Line Car Barn after it was destroyed by fire in 1925.


Photograph of the Strang Line Car Barn after it was destroyed by fire in 1925.



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