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Willows Maternity Home Nurses

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses seated with Dr. John W. Kepner, obstetrician, at The Willows Maternity Hospital.

Milton C. Lewis

A 1920 photograph of Milton C. Lewis as an intern.

Milton C. Lewis

A 1920 photograph of Milton C. Lewis.

Milton C. Lewis

A 1939 photograph of Milton C. Lewis in Kansas City, Missouri.

Internes General Hospital No. 2, Kansas City, Mo.

Photograph of twelve men with medical paraphernalia labeled "Internes" at Kansas City's African-American General Hospital No. 2.

Fourteenth Annual Fashion Show at Convention Hall Program

Excerpts of the April 7, 1931 program for the Fourteenth Annual Fashion Show at Convention Hall under the auspices of Wheatley-Provident Hospital Auxiliary No. 1. These excerpts include information about Wheatley-Provident Hospital staff, including portraits of Dr. Thomas C. Unthank, Professor Joe E. Herriford, Dr. J. Edward Perry, Dr. W. H. Bruce, Attorney C. H. Calloway, Henry B. Lyons, M.D., Mrs. M. L. Crosthwaite, and other group portraits of the board of directors and auxiliary staff.

Dr. Solomon H. Thompson

Portrait photograph of Dr. Solomon H. Thompson, who began a “Black Hospital Movement” in the Kansas City area that began to address the health concerns of non-white communities. Along with Kansas City, Missouri, physician Thomas C. Unthank, Dr. Thompson founded Douglass Hospital and Training School for Nurses in Kansas City, Kansas.

Dr. Mary Myrtle Ozias Hill

Photograph of Dr. Mary Myrtle Ozias Hill circa 1925. Hill practiced medicine in Kansas City, and was daughter of Dr. Charles O. Ozias, sister of Dr. Charles R. Ozias, and wife of Dr. Howard Hill. She passed away on December 19, 1947, at St. Joseph Hospital, where both Drs. Hill had practiced, at the age of 61.

Dr. John W. Kepner

Photograph of Dr. Kepner, obstetrician, seated on the steps at the entrance to The Willows Maternity Hospital.

Dr. D. M. Nigro

Photograph of Dr. D. M. Nigro standing by a wall of photographs. Autographed as: "To my good friend N. Emerson Paton the best secy & manager in the country. With best wishes, Doc Nigro, 1938".

Doctors at General Hospital #2

Photograph of the doctors of General Hospital #2, a hospital for African-Americans once located just north of the intersection of 22nd Street and McCoy Avenue (now Kenwood Avenue). This vantage point faces west towards the southeastern entrance to the hospital.

Clinic at Mexican Christian Mission

Photograph with an interior view of a clinic at the Mexican Christian Mission showing a doctor and two nurses treating a Hispanic woman.