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Daughters of Old Westport Memorial

Photograph of the Daughters of Old Westport Memorial at the intersection of Broadway, Washington Street, and 40th Street.

DAR Marker Dedication

Photograph of the dedication of a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) marker commemorating the location of the Baptist Mission to the Shawnee Indians in 1929. The site, called Mission Ridge, is located near 55th and Walmer in what was later Mission, Kansas. The location was also the site of the first printing press in Kansas in 1833. DAR members pull a fabric cover from the granite monument, which reads "To commemorate Baptist Mission to Shawnee Indians." A crowd is gathered around the monument, which stands in front of a shingle-roofed building.

August Meyer Memorial

Photograph of the August Meyer Memorial located in the median of The Paseo, just north of 10th Street.

August Meyer Memorial

Postcard showing the August Meyer Memorial, located between the northbound and southbound lanes of The Paseo at 10th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces northwest towards the memorial from the intersection of 10th Street and The Paseo. The back of the postcard includes a short letter to Pearl Gordon of St Joseph, Missouri.

American Legion Fountain

Postcard of the American Legion Fountain that was once at 9th and Main streets, later relocated to the Budd Park Esplanade at Van Brunt Boulevard and Anderson Avenue. This vantage point faces north and shows Main Street north of 9th Street. Also pictured is the Westgate Hotel to the left.

Alfred Benjamin Memorial

An autochrome photograph of the Alfred Benjamin Memorial in Swope Park, taken from the southeast.