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Undated photograph of man with two boys, posing near railroad tracks in an area where many Mexican railroad workers lived in Kansas City, Kansas.

Undated photo of identified men in Kansas City, Kansas. They are likely railroad or icehouse workers from the local Mexican community.

Undated photograph of an unidentified man standing with a bicycle.

Undated photograph of unidentified railroad workers. Many railroad jobs were filled by the Mexican community in Kansas City, Kansas.

Undated photograph of unidentified men posing with musical instruments. The men are members of the Kansas City, Kansas, Mexican community.

Undated photograph of Mexican immigrants building a house in Kansas City, Kansas.

Photograph of Harry S. Truman walking with unidentified men.

Photograph showing Dwight Brown, former Governor Guy Park, and Herbert T. Hilscher at unidentified South Central Business Association function.

Photograph of two men on horseback touring the Kansas City Stockyards

Photograph of Mayor Frank Cromwell and former mayors: (left to right) James A. Reed, George M. Shelley, Darius A. Brown, Leander J. Talbot, Thomas T. Crittenden, Jr., Cromwell, George H. Edwards, Jr., and Samuel B. Strother. They acted as honorary pallbearers at the funeral of Webster Davis at the Elks Club.

Photograph of artist Thomas Hart Benton posing near his painting of Persephone.

Photograph of a man with pigs in the stockyards. The original slide included the following description: "Moving a pen of Berkshire hogs at the Stock Yards, Kansas City, Missouri."