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Cornerstone Laying Ceremony for Boys Hotel Club Memorial Building

Photograph of two men posed before laying the cornerstone for the Boys Hotel Club Memorial Building on November 6, 1921. This vantage point faces south on the south side of Admiral Boulevard between Flora Avenue and Highland Avenue.

Concilio Supremo Intersociale, Kansas City, Missouri

Photograph of members of the Italian Supreme Intersocial Council of Kansas City. It consisted of members of several lodges and societies for the purpose of mutual aid to lodge and society members and the poor of the Holy Rosary parish. Seated first from left: Joe DiMaria; seated third from right: Tony Bivona; back row, fourth from left: Vito Monaco; in front: Victor Francis DeMaria.

Clarence Click

Clipping entitled "His House" from an article in Kansas City Journal-Post on June 3, 1933 documenting the kidnapping of Mary McElroy. The photograph's caption states, "Clarence Click, one of the kidnapers of Miss Mary McElroy, lived in the house on County Line road between Shawnee and Merriam, Kas., in which Miss McElroy was held captive while ransom negotiations wore in progress. Click is 27 years old and was arrested Thursday in Kansas City, Kas. He is an exconvict."

City Ice Company Delivery Truck Outside General Hospital

Circa 1932 photograph with side view of a City Ice Company of Kansas City delivery truck described as "six-wheel, 63-cake Diamond T., used as transfer truck." The truck is parked outside of the Locust Street entrance of General Hospital with two unidentified people. This vantage point faces east from the west side of Locust Street between 23rd Street and 24th Street.

Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison in traditional Greek dress for a celebration of Greek Independence Day on March 25, circa 1930s.

Children at Westside Health Center

Photograph of five children and a dentist at the Westside Health Center, part of the Richard Cabot Club that "promotes a general health program for the West Side." The image is featured in the photograph section of the October 29, 1933 issue of the Kansas City Star.

Charles Gargotta Being Escorted by Officers

Photograph of mobster Charles Gargotta (center) being escorted to his arraignment at the Criminal Court Building to face charges of murdering bootlegger Ferris Anthon and the attempted murder of Sheriff Thomas Bash on August 12, 1933. He is being escorted by Chief Deputy William Schickhardt (left) and Deputy Al Finkelstine.

Charles Fillmore

Photograph of Charles Fillmore seated at a desk. Fillmore was co-founder with his wife Myrtle of the Unity School of Christianity.

Cas Welch and Tom Pendergast

Clipping entitled "A Powerful Team" from the Kansas City Star on March 28, 1932 showing highlights from the Democratic State Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The photograph's caption states, "Casimir J. Welch, on the left, posing with the "big" boss, T. J. Pendergast."

Boys on Steps of Boys Hotel

Photograph of boys and men posed with a "Boys Hotel" banner on the steps of the Boys Hotel Main Building at the southeast corner of Admiral Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

Boys Hotel Hospital Ward

Photograph a nurse and unidentified man posed near four boys in beds in the inpatient ward at the Boys Hotel at the southeast corner of Admiral Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

Boys Hotel and Club Building

Photograph of men and boys posed outside of the Boys Hotel Main Building (right) and Boys Hotel Club Memorial Building (left). This vantage point faces south-southwest on the north side of Admiral Boulevard between Flora Avenue and Highland Avenue.