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Photograph of District Court Judge G. A. Roberds on the steps of the Johnson County Courthouse circa 1937. Roberds wears a dark three-piece suit and holds his hat and a package. A man and woman walk up the stairs behind him toward the courthouse door.

Photograph of a group gathered for the Merriam Homemakers Club "Dad's Night" in 1921. The party took place in the home of Lee and Etta Cox. Eight seated women are surrounded by eight men who are seated or standing. The club, initially founded in 1913 as a "mother's club," ended in 2015.

Photograph of Ed Walmer, Jr. and Marie Ozias Walmer circa 1920. The Walmers are pictured standing side by side next to the front porch of a house. She is dressed in a dark dress and hat; he wears a suit with a short necktie and hat.

Photograph of Nathaniel Short, merchant from Aubry, Kansas, circa 1915. Short is pictured wearing dark, rolled-cuff pants, a shirt, and vest, and holding a hat in his hand while standing outside a wood-sided house. 

Photograph of the Assumption School Accordian and Electric Guitar Band, sponsored by Cochran Music Co., Inc..

Photograph of the Holy Rosary School Accordian Band, sponsored by Cochran Music Co., Inc..

Photograph of Lou Holland, Conrad Mann and other unidentified people at the Municipal Airport dedication.

Photograph of a man posed with a large herd of sheep at the Stockyards in the West Bottoms of Kansas City.

Photograph of a zookeeper using a water hose on a pair of elephants at the Swope Park Zoo.

Photograph of two men eating a meal at the Helping Hand Institute.

Photograph of boys learning to make toys and furniture for themselves in a workshop at the Minute Circle Friendly House. The image is featured in the photograph section of the October 29, 1933 issue of the Kansas City Star.

Photograph of boys working in a carpenter shop at Swope Settlement.