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Photograph of the 1921 Merriam High School girls basketball team. Eight student/players pose on steps in front of a school building door with a teacher.

Photograph of young women, Campfire Girls participants, posed as a group circa 1920. Four girls sit around a fireplace wearing Native American costumes including fringed dresses and feather headbands, while while two others stand against the mantle, visible from the shoulders down.

Photograph of nine young women, Campfire Girls participants, posed as a group circa 1920. Six girls wear Native American costumes including beads and feather headbands, while three wear dark dresses.

Photograph of six young women dressed in Native American costumes circa 1920. The girls, members of the Campfire Girls program, are wear fringed dresses and feather headbands, are crouched on the floor around three candles.

Photograph of girls at a sewing class at the Italian Institute at 505 Forest.

Photograph of girls dancing outside of the Mattie Rhodes Neighborhood Center at 1734 Jefferson.

Photograph with slide description, "Campfire Girls working on uniforms at the Whatsoever Community House, K.C., Mo."

Circa 1920 photograph with slide description, "Girls from Westport Jr. High playing ball south of Hyde Park; Kansas City, Mo." This vantage point faces southeast on the west side of Gillham Road between 38th Street and 39th Street. The Santa Fe Trail Marker on Gillham Road is pictured.

Photograph of young girls in a sewing class identified as "Summer School Class, 1924." Sponsored by the Agnes Ward Amberg Club. This vantage point faces south towards the entrance of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church at the southwest corner of 23rd Street (now Avenida Cesar E Chavez) and Madison Avenue.

Photograph of Columbus Park looking northeast from atop the Karnes Public School at the southwest corner of Charlotte Street and Pacific Street. Pictured are the St. John Bosco Center (center background) and Holy Rosary Church (right background) with the parochial school to the right.

Photograph of members of the Society of Saint Angelo de Licata. Most members were from Licata, Sicily and worshipped at Holy Rosary parish.

Photograph of seven young women posed outside of the Holy Cross Catholic Church at the closing of May Devotions. This vantage point faces northeast towards the southwest corner of the Holy Cross Catholic School.