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Photograph of Hugh and Mary White's four children at the Wolverine Dairy Farm in Overland Park circa 1941. Standing on the ground in front of a bar, the children are, from left to right, Bob, Joe, and Louise; Gene sits on a horse behind them. Joe holds a rabbit and Louise holds a dog. A silo is visible beyond the barn.

Photograph of Richard Rieder standing between two outdoor chicken coops in 1940 or 1941. Rieder, a participant in the Future Farmers of America program, is wearing a light shirt and darker pants, near the wood and chickenwire coops and a few loose young chickens.

Photograph of ten young men, participants in Future Farmers of America, holding adult goats and kids circa 1940. Three of the young men stand in the background, while seven crouch on the ground with the goats. Behind them is a small wooden barn or similar structure.

Photograph of a young man with a sow and piglets in a pen circa 1940. The young man, identified as Melvin Geary, is a participant in the Future Farmers of America program, and is smiling at the camera and bent over with his hands on a piglet. Trees and other brush are visible beyond the wire fence enclosure.

Photograph of George DeBrabander handling a plow next to a pile of stacked lumber and assembled wooden frames circa 1932. The frames served as raised beds for vegetable farming on DeBrabander's farm at the northwest corner of 75th and Quivira in Shawnee, Kansas. 

Photograph of an elderly woman, identified as Alida Van Keirsbilck, standing with a small herd of cattle circa 1933. The Van Keirsbilck farm was located at 75th and Quivira in Lenexa, Kansas. An open field and several houses or outbuildings are visible in the background of the image.

Photograph of the Herman and Ella Voigts house at 2405 West 103rd Street in Leawood. The Prairie-style stone house was built in 1923 by Frank Bayrel for Herman J. Voigts and his family for $23,000. The house stood on a 218-acre cattle and dairy farm.

Photograph of a group of 21 young men posing and drinking milk out of bottles circa 1935. The young men, participants in the Future Farmers of America program, stand next to a a barn. A herd of cows is visible in the background of the image.

Photograph of a group of young men gathered near two bars at Porter Dairy Farm in Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1930. The barns are built from stone on their lower levels and have wood siding on the second levels. The group of 25 young men wear a variety of clothing, including overalls, hats, and neckties.

Photograph of George W. Jensen's house and dairy farm in Prairie Village, Kansas, circa 1940. The Tudor-style house, located at 2821 West 75th Street, is pictured with a barn and other outbuildings, along with a parked truck, located to the west. A dusting of snow covers the lawn and bushes, and trees are bare of leaves.

Photograph of a young man kneeling with a dog, surrounded by dead rats, circa 1922. The young man, identified as Harold Dunham, is the son of William Dunham, superintendent of the Johnson County Poor Farm from 1917 to 1923. He is posed with a dog identified as Toodles, who was responsible for killing the 30+ rats at the farm.

Photograph of a woman relaxing in a hammock, surrounded by a flock of chickens, at the Schultzel farm circa 1937. The woman, identified as Mrs. Nichols, is dressed in a blouse and skirt, and was visiting the farm as a member of the Broadway Methodist Church of Kansas City, Missouri.