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Road Entrance of Martha D. Shields

An autochrome photograph of the road entrance to the residence of Martha D. Shields, taken looking west. Her deceased husband, Edwin W. Shields, was president of Simmonds-Shields-Theis Grain Company.

Road Entrance of Albert R. Jones

An autochrome photograph of the road entrance to the residence of Albert R. Jones, lawyer. This vantage point faces north on Guilford Lane just east of Overhill Road.

Lilacs by William H. Scarritt's Driveway

An autochrome photograph of lilacs next to William H. Scarritt's driveway and home. Scarritt was Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of the Scarritt Realty Company. This vantage point faces east-northeast from the driveway of 1225 West 57th Street.

Kittle House

Photograph of the Kittle family's home at 8039 West 80th in Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1916. The two-story wood house was occupied by the family of O. H. Kittle, dry goods company operator, and a car is visible in the driveway at the right side of the image.

Hyacinths and Driveway of M. B. Nelson

An autochrome photograph of hyacinths by the driveway of M. B. Nelson, taken in the evening and looking south-southeast. Nelson was president of the Long-Bell Lumber Company.

House and Motor Entrance of Fred Wolferman

An autochrome photograph of Fred Wolferman's driveway and the rear of his house. Wolferman was founder of Wolferman's Grocery Stores.

Driveway of Dr. Sam E. Roberts

A color glass plate positive photograph of an automobile parked next to flowering spirea shurbs in the driveway of Dr. Sam E. Roberts, a Kansas City physician.