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Kansas City Journal-Post Building

Circa 1928 photograph with distant view of the Kansas City Journal-Post Building, located on the east side of Oak Street between 22nd Street and 23rd Street. Also shows Hospital Hill and the Midwest Oldsmobile Company. This vantage point faces southeast from the Coca-Cola Building at 2107 Grand Avenue.

Kansas City Inter-City Viaduct

Photograph, which appears to be taken between 1930 and 1940, taken from inside a vehicle driving on the Inter-City Viaduct, looking east with the Kansas City, Missouri skyline in view in the background. The viaduct connects Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Hawthorn Tree and Kansas City, Missouri Skyline

A color glass plate positive photograph of a hawthorn (crataegus) tree in bloom in the north central section of Penn Valley Park. This vantage point faces north towards downtown Kansas City, Missouri and shows Liberty Memorial in the right background.

Federal Reserve Bank, Kansas City, Mo.

Postcard with a full frontal and side view of the Federal Reserve Bank Building in Kansas City, Missouri, located on the northeast corner of 10th and Grand Boulevard. The back of the postcard includes a brief caption about the building and a short letter to Mrs. M. Pettit of St. Joseph, Missouri.

Elevated View of Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

Scene in Kansas City, Missouri, looking west on 13th street near Oak Street. From: Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

Downtown Kansas City Skyline

Photograph with view of the downtown skyline from just north of the Missouri River.

Downtown Kansas City from Baltimore Hotel

Photograph looking northeast from atop the Baltimore Hotel. The intersection of Petticoat Lane and Main Street is pictured center.

Downtown Kansas City

Postcard view of the skyline of downtown Kansas City, looking north from 17th Street and showing Main Street (left, center). Pictured from building signs are the Jones Store; Duff & Repp; Vincent Hair, Dolls & Wigs; Hotel Main, and Warren D. House Patents, Models, Dies, Machine Shop.

Douglas DC-2-112 Flying Over Kansas City

Photograph of a Douglas DC-2-112 airplane owned by Transcontinental & Western Air flying south over downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces north-northwest with the Commerce Building at the northwest corner of Walnut Street and 10th Street (white building, right-foreground).

Delivery Truck, City Ice Company

Circa 1932 photograph with side view of City Ice Company of Kansas City delivery truck. Described as "Chevrolet truck with insulated body used for delivery of ice cubes. The Company operates two of these trucks during the summer months." This vantage point faces north from 22nd Street between McGee Street and Oak Street and shows the downtown Kansas City, Missouri skyline in the background.

Business District North from Union Station, Kansas City, Mo.

Postcard showing the Kansas City, Missouri business district from atop Union Station. This elevated vantage point faces north, showing Main Street on the right and the H. D. Lee Mercantile Company Building at 20th and Wyandotte on the left. The back of the postcard includes a brief caption about this city district and a short letter to Ira D. Mollet of Chanute, Kansas.

Argentine and Shawnee Heights from the Kansas River

Photograph of Argentine and Shawnee Heights, two sections of Kansas City, Kansas, as seen from the Kansas River. The large building pictured center is the Franklin School on Metropolitan Avenue between S 14th and 15th Streets. This picture was taken before 1923 when the building received a four-classroom addition.