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Summer Playground Feeding Program at Mulkey Square Park

Photograph of participants in the Summer Playground Feeding Program lined up at Mulkey Square Park. This vantage point faces east near the intersection of 13th Street and Belleview Avenue (defunct at this block).

Students Inside Kansas City Teacher's College

Photograph of students inside a classroom attending a "reading clinic summer session" at the Kansas City Teacher's College. The building is located on the north side of 8th Street between Woodland Avenue and Euclid Avenue (this portion of 8th Street is defunct).

Students at Kansas City Teacher's College

Photograph of first grade students working in a garden across the street from the Kansas City Teacher's College. This vantage point faces north-northeast from the south side of 8th Street between Woodland Avenue and Euclid Avenue (this portion of 8th Street is defunct). The southeastern entrance to the Kansas City Teachers College is shown in the background.

St. George Serbian Orthodox Church Dedication

Photograph of the congregation of the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church on the occasion of its consecration in 1925. The church was located at the intersection of Bethany Street and Lowell Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas.

Small Child with Easter Bunny Statue

An autochrome photograph of a small child standing next to a statue of the Easter Bunny. This statue and accompanying eggs were part of the Country Club Plaza's Easter decorations.

Slow - Children street sign at Westwood Road and Mercier Street

A young boy with his bike and dog photographed in front of a Slow - Children street sign erected by the Westwood Homes Association at Westwood Road and Mercier. This vantage point faces north-northwest at the intersection of Mercier Street and Westwood Road.

Shawnee Indian Mission

The restored residence of the missionary at the Shawnee Indian Mission with a child sitting out front. This building is located at the southeastern corner of 52nd Street and Porter Road (now 53rd Street and Mission Road). This vantage point faces south-southeast on present day 53rd Street from just east of Mission Road.

Sewing Class at the Italian Institute

Photograph of girls at a sewing class at the Italian Institute at 505 Forest.

Seven Oaks School Kindergarten

Photograph with an interior view of Seven Oaks School kindergarten with children seated in chairs listenting to a story read by their teacher, Miss Gladys Wilson. The children's names and addresses are included on a separate sheet that accompanies the photograph. Construction of the Seven Oaks School was completed in 1927.

Scarritt School Kindergarten

Photograph of children watching a young girl perform an imitation organ in the Scarritt School kindergarten class.

Salvation Army Fresh Air Camp

Photograph with slide description: "Salvation Army Fresh Air Camp, south of Independence, Mo." The camp was once located two miles east of Blue Ridge Road (presently Blue Ridge Cutoff) on U.S. Highway 40.

Salvation Army at 13th and Summit

Photograph with slide description: "Selling ice from Salvation Army Penny Ice truck, K.C., Mo." This vantage point faces northeast from the northwest corner of 13th Street and Summit Street.