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Portrait of James M. Kemper, Chairman of the Board of Commerce Trust Company.

Most any morning about 8:30 found Mr. J. C. Nichols entering the office at 310 Ward Parkway. Iron grillwork originally on the main doors was removed because doors were too heavy to be pushed open easily. This vantage point faces north on Ward Parkway between Central Street and Broadway Boulevard.

Formal presentation of Arbor Villa Park, developed by the J. C. Nichols Company. Pictured are J. C. Nichols and Shannon C. Douglass, President of the Armour Hills Homes Association. This vantage point faces north-northeast near the southeast corner of the intersection of 66th Terrace and Main Street.

Directors and sponsors of the 1933 Country Club District Community Field Day, held on Southwest High School campus. Shown are John L. Shouse, George D. Melcher, J. C. Nichols, Miles C. Thomas, Howard E. A. Jones, Albert H. Monsees, and H. Merle Smith.

J. C. Nichols Company salesmen organization, taken on the terrace of the J. C. Nichols home at 1214 W. 55th Street. This vantage point faces north towards the residence from just north of Santa Fe Road (now 55th Street) between State Line Road and Ward Parkway.