Dexter, Dave, Jr.

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10" 78-rpm recording of "627 Stomp", an instrumental fox trot by Pete Johnson and Dave Dexter, performed by Pete Johnson's Band. Members include Don Stovall, Don Byas, saxophones; Eddie Barefield, clarinet; Oran "Hot Lips" Page, trumpet; Pete Johnson, piano; John Collins, guitar; Abe Bolar, bass; A. G.

Earl Hines, Count Basie, and Dave Dexter standing around a radio (or possibly a phonograph) looking down at a record in Dexter's hand at Basie's birthday celebration.

Dave Dexter, Andy Kirk, and an unidentified man standing together drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Dexter is wearing a vest and looking forward. Kirk is standing in the center looking to the side, wearing suspenders.

Ed Flynn, wearing a light suit and tie, and Benny Carter, wearing a tuxedo, seated on a couch. Dave Dexter is crouched next to Carter wearing a pinstripe suite and smiling.