50th Street

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Photograph of three male baseball players in July 1941. The men, whose uniforms read "KIRKWOOD," were participants in the American Legion league all-star game at Goldman Stadium near 51st and Indiana.

Photograph with full frontal and partial side view of Menorah Hospital, located at northeast corner of Rockhill Road and 50th Street.

Clipping entitled "They Receive Diplomas at the Barstow School" from May 1937 with caption stating, "Seated in the front row are (left to right) Joan Tureman, Jane Daily, Shirley Clark and Katharine Hall.

Booklet describing the facilities available at Menorah Hospital, located at 50th Street and Rockhill Road in Kansas City, Missouri. Also included are photographs of the interior and exterior of the hospital as well as a list of the board of directors.

Exterior of the Sunset Hill School. The school possessed a stage, large auditorium, lunch room, and two primary class rooms. The building pictured is now part of the Pembroke Hill School. This vantage point faces west near the southwest corner of 50th Street and Wornall Road.

This picture was taken looking west at the intersection of 50th Street and State Line Road. In November 1925, a small shopping center was being developed at the entrance to Westwood Hills, at 50th Street and State Line, designed in the mode common to English farm buildings with a touch of Normandy introduced by means of a round tower.

An autochrome photograph of the center of the gardens at The Walnuts, taken from the south atop the apartment building.

An autochrome photograph of tulips in the gardens at The Walnuts, taken looking west-northwest.

An autochrome photograph of The Walnuts gardens, taken looking east-southeast.

An autochrome photograph of tulips in the gardens at The Walnuts, taken looking northwest.

An autochrome photograph of a fountain and summer house, taken from the southeast in the gardens at The Walnuts.

An autochrome photograph of iris flowers at the north entrance to Inghram D. Hook's residence. Hook was a Kansas City lawyer and his wife Mary Rockwell Hook was architect and designer of the house.